You use screwdrivers to twist screws into their slots. They are very effective at their jobs. But you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to build large furniture pieces, staircases, and home extensions. There’s a point where manual screwdrivers aren’t effective, and you need to upgrade to a drill.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools are the drills of the marketing world. They allow you to scale small-scale marketing strategies into large, profit-generating machines.

Yet, just as all drills aren’t the same, all CRO tools don’t offer the same features, reliability, and capabilities.

Use these eight criteria to find your business’s best conversion rate optimization tool.

What Can a Conversion Rate Optimization Tool Do for Your Business?

Conversion rate optimization tools help you keep up with your competition while staying relevant to your audience. They are the motor in your marketing vehicle, powering all your strategies.

A few common conversion rate optimization examples that are possible with the right tools include:

  • Hyper-targeted marketing campaigns
  • Understanding audience demographics, behaviors, and motivating factors
  • Automating the customer’s journey
  • Testing and automating the conversion process for maximum conversions

If you want to double your sales, then a conversion rate optimization tool is right for you. But how do you know which tool is the best fit?

8 Criteria to Look for in the Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tool

Use this conversion rate optimization guide to evaluate your CRO tools before settling on the best option for your business needs.

1. Comprehensive Analytics

How do you know your CRO tool is the best tool there is?

Data analytics allows you to monitor your lead behaviors, conversion rate, and the tool’s performance. You can track how conversion rates change over time to see your tool’s impact on your conversion rate.

If your conversions remain the same or go down, you know there’s a problem. Your CRO tool should help you pinpoint the issue.

For example, tracking the buyer’s journey might tell you that most of your leads unsubscribe from your newsletter after only one email and never reach conversion. That shows your emails aren’t resonating with your customers, and you must refresh them.

Ultimately, you need your technology to boost your CRO enough to pay for the tool. Use a return on investment (ROI) equation to calculate the profit increase since implementing the tool. Then, compare those increased profits to what the tool costs. If your earnings are still higher than the tool, it’s an investment worth making.

2. User-Friendly Interface

Choose a tool with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The easier it is to navigate and use, the more efficiently you can implement and test CRO strategies.

You don’t want to lose hours training new employees on the tool or only tap into the surface of its capabilities due to an overly complicated interface.

Instead, anyone needs to be able to pick it up and use it.

For example, Hushly is easy enough for anyone to use, even those with no coding experience.

3. A/B Testing Capabilities

CRO tools must support A/B testing, allowing you to experiment with different variations of website elements. 77% of businesses use A/B testing for their websites to help them make the best CRO strategy decisions.

This includes testing:

  • Headlines
  • CTAs
  • Page layouts
  • Text
  • Email

The testing scenarios should be easy to set up and use so you can reassure yourself that your strategies are the most effective option before investing completely in the strategy. That way, you can use your conversion rate optimization tool online with confidence, knowing the strategies you use have proven results from extensive testing.

Image from Finances Online

4. Marketing Tool Integrations

There are over 8,000 marketing technology tools available. The average business uses over 75 marketing tools. That’s quite the notable number of tools you need to work together.

Football involves a team of 11 people. Baseball consists of a team of 26 players. That number is barely a third of the number of marketing tools the average business uses.

As with any team, you need every player to work together. Each player has a unique role in the team, and that role is required to benefit the team as a whole. If any player only worked on their own agenda, they would lose the game for everyone.

Your tools should also work together like a team. You should be able to connect them, integrate their processes, and share data across the tools.

The information you collect from email marketing should also be available for website optimization and your sales team.

When adding a CRO tool to your team, consider how well it will fit with your other tools. A high-quality CRO tool should seamlessly integrate with your other systems.

5. Personalization Features

The personalization market is worth $943 million as personalization becomes a cornerstone of modern marketing.

Personalization offers several benefits, including:

  • Allowing you to hyper-target your audience
  • Offering a unique journey to each lead to address specific pain points
  • Customizing offers and products to your client’s particular needs

75% of business leaders say their success depends on personalization efforts.

If the conversion rate optimization tool actually has the most cutting-edge technology, it would be able to support extensive personalization options.

For example, Hushly’s real-time optimization widgets allow you to create a unique website experience for each visitor. We pull data from visitor behaviors to offer content and navigation based on what they are most likely to respond to.

6. Reliable Support

With technology and its many benefits also come new problems that may be beyond your expertise.

Just look at cars to understand the change technology has brought to society. Classic cars are easy to maintain because they only have a handful of problems, so users can usually fix the issue when the car malfunctions.

A modern car has so many technological sensors and wires that you need a professional to identify the problem. However, the modern car also runs smoother and offers more comfort and a better user experience.

CRO technology can also improve your experience, but due to its complexities, you’ll need to ensure you have the help necessary to maintain it. A company that offers quality CRO tools also offers 24/7 support and training so you can learn all the intricacies required to use it to its full capacity.

7. Top Security Measures

Data breaches can financially ruin a company. It destroys customer trust and loses valuable information.

To keep your data secure, you need top security and privacy to protect the information you gather and store.

CROs that gather customer data should also be equipped with the tools to protect that data. Encryption and controlled access keep your valuable customer data safe.

8. Scalability

A scalable company can grow and change with minimal impact on your company’s operations and finances.

While you can begin with a conversion rate optimization tool free of charge, will that tool be able to support you long-term?

If you have to switch out your tools as you expand, you will need to account for the changes in budget, operations, and time it would take to migrate your data to the new tools while also training your employees on them.

Scalable CRO tools can grow with you, supporting your operations whether you’re working with 100 or 100,000 leads.

What CRO Tools Is Your Tech Company Missing?

Do you have a conversion rate optimization tool in your marketing technology arsenal that can handle your changing needs?

Hushly’s leading CRO platform offers all you need for conversion at your fingertips. You don’t need extensive training or experience to use the tool. It’s user-friendly but powerful enough to more than pay for itself through your increased conversion rate. It can also scale to any size without impacting your functionality.

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