Conversion has become a complex mechanism that requires dozens of moving parts. There are several ways to attract and nurture leads and increasingly more ways for B2B customers to purchase products and services.

Conversion is the most essential part of your marketing and sales process because it’s the grand finale of all your other strategies. It pays for brand awareness, website traffic, and lead nurturing processes. It’s the ultimate goal of marketing.

To ensure you’re converting the highest quality leads, incorporate conversion rate optimization (CRO) software to handle the complexities of a conversion journey in 2023.

Learn how Hushly’s conversion rate optimization software gets the job done so efficiently it has earned the spot as the only all-in-one conversion cloud.

What is a Conversion Rate Optimization Tool?

A conversion rate optimization tool is software that supports and performs necessary tasks to convert traffic into leads and leads into customers.

CRO involves three processes:

  • Data collection and analytics to understand how customers act and how content performs
  • A/B testing to discover what method works best
  • Personalization to offer different experiences for each lead across several channels to attract and convert leads

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8 Ways Conversion Rate Optimization Software Boosts Conversions

Here is a look at eight ways Hushly’s CRO software supports your conversion processes.

1. Retargeting

Conversion rate optimization software allows you to implement a retargeting strategy.

Retargeting reduces the number of website visitors that leave before you convert them. On average, 97% of visitors who leave a website don’t return. Visitors who leave aren’t always disinterested. They may be planning on returning later (and may forget), want time to think about it, or are looking for more information.

By retargeting those leads, you remind them about your products and services. You can also retarget those leads with more relevant content to address any remaining questions.

Retargeting can capture leads on other websites or retarget visitors about to leave your website.

When you use retargeting ads, your products and services appear in widgets on other sites based on what that visitor viewed while on your website.

When you retarget visitors on your site, you use popups and on-site widgets to recommend further reading to reengage those visitors. Exit-intent content is a popup that appears when visitors take an exit action, like scrolling to the end of content. The popup reengages visitors through personalized content recommendations and lead capture forms.

2. A/B Testing

A/B testing lets you see first-hand how your website performs based on different variables. It’s a central part of conversion rate optimization as it removes the guesswork from the process. Instead, you run several tests to see how traffic responds before committing to a method or design.

For instance, you may test several placement options for your lead generation form. You can run one test with the lead form before the content and one after the content. Compare the leads you generate with each form placement to identify the most effective design for the landing page.

Hushly’s CRO software supports A/B testing to help you identify the most effective strategies. Here are common places marketers use A/B testing:

  • 77% A/B test websites
  • 60% A/B test landing pages
  • 93% A/B test email marketing campaigns

3. Data Analytics

Data analytics is how you understand content and campaign performance. Data analytics also helps you know your clients better to optimize your strategy for each customer.

Hushly’s AI conversion rate optimization software collects first-party data. First-party data is becoming increasingly crucial as privacy laws and online cookie updates limit third-party data collection. First-party data is also invaluable because it comes directly from your customers and clients, making it most relevant to your business.

Conversion rate optimization is especially interested in buyer’s intent data. This data tells you when a lead is close to conversion so you can connect them to sales at the ideal time to ensure they make a purchase.

4. Site Audits

Perform regular website audits to analyze your content performance. Audits look at your pages, assets, and links. You’ll be able to identify which pages are most successful at converting visitors. You’ll also be able to identify areas where web traffic is most likely to bounce so you can update those pages.

Site audits identify issues that may interfere with conversions, such as slow load speeds, broken links, and poor navigation.

5. Email Automation

Email automation takes your interactions off your website and directly to the customer’s inbox. It allows for an extra level of personalization, which is often what helps you turn a lead into a customer.

Hushly’s AI CRO software offers sequenced sales outreach emails. You can set up an email map that shows which emails come at what point and in response to specific actions. Then, you can sit back and let the software do the rest for you, automatically adding leads to the sequence.

The sequence improves conversion rates as you can time emails and customize them automatically according to lead reactions to ensure they receive the most relevant emails and conversion options.

6. Automatic Website and Asset Personalization

Delivering a personalized experience targets your audience. Through personalization, you provide a relevant message to every visitor. The message includes shared pain points, applicable solutions, and customized conversion paths for each visitor.

Through personalization, you can increase your conversions.

Hushly’s AI CRO software allows you to offer unlimited personalization for every visitor without adding to your marketing workload. We can personalize:

  • Your website
  • Your landing pages
  • Your digital assets

We update content based on visitor data, such as who they are. We also offer content recommendations based on behaviors like the content they read.

7. AI Landing Pages

Landing pages have the highest conversion rates, even above popups and signup boxes. The average landing page conversion rate is 23%.

Introducing AI to your landing pages improves the personalization and user experience to maximize conversions.

Some of Hushly software’s landing page features Include:

  • Self-nurturing landing pages
  • Account-focused landing pages
  • Pre- and post-live event pages
  • Customer success pages

AI uses visitor behavior, intent data, and traffic sources to determine the best landing page for the customer. It then customizes the content on the page, including content recommendations to encourage further visitor engagement.

8. Smart Forms

Lead forms and conversions go together like peanut butter and jelly. When you optimize one, you’ll see a difference in the other.

Hushly reinvents the way you use lead forms to collect user data.

We recognize that long forms discourage visitors from completing them, and gated content prevents leads from accessing valuable marketing content.

That’s why we offer a different lead generation process that boosts your conversion rate.

We replace long forms with smart microforms. AI uses minimal information, like an email, to create a user profile. It then fills in the profile using user behavior, such as what content that user interacts with.

Because of our verified business email software, we can identify which leads are businesses and which are consumers.

Our microforms also encourage visitors to interact with more content by offering a multi-asset browsing experience. With multi-asset browsing, visitors only input information once and then browse endlessly, which generates more valuable and accurate data than from forms alone.

Add Hushly’s AI Conversion Rate Optimization Software to Your Toolset

What tools do you use for optimizing conversion?

You can replace them with the ultimate software solution.

Hushly’s CRO software is an all-in-one solution powered by automation and cloud software. We offer end-to-end user experience optimization. Our tools personalize content, collect first-party data, and support conversion rate optimization so you can spend more time closing sales.

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