You’ve spent the money on great content, the time and money to build a great website, and you are confident that your product will add value to anyone who chooses to buy it.

Yet you’re not generating leads like you think you should be. Or maybe your conversions remain stunted despite all of your best efforts. Your revenue isn’t growing, and you don’t see the ROI on your advertising that you think you should be.

If this describes your situation a little too well, it may be time to rethink your website traffic generation strategy.

You need eyeballs on your website, and high-quality products are the only way to convert leads reliably. If you aren’t getting it, no amount of content curation or website improvements is going to fix your problem.

So how can you generate lots of organic web traffic in 2022? We’ve put together today’s list as a rough guide to get you started.

1. SEO

Search engine traffic remains king.

A first-page google ranking is still the best way to drive organic traffic reliably to your site. The higher up on the list, the better.

Focus on optimizing your content for search engine traffic by working within the confines of what the search engine creators are looking for. This means avoiding the temptation to use black hat SEO techniques that could see your site penalized or even blacklisted by google.

Instead, we recommend following some simple SEO tips like these we compiled.

2. Capitalize on Websites That Rely on UGC

Many websites on the internet rely on users to generate all content. Examples include Reddit, Quora, and Yelp.

These websites are ideal for generating organic traffic because they come with pre-existing communities that enable you to focus on assimilating into and generating goodwill and leads.

Focus on Websites with High Domain Authority and Backlinks

These are the main metrics you should use to evaluate which websites to post to.

The best content collection sites rank for nearly everything. They have massive communities of users dedicated to all kinds of topics.

If your product or service appeals to a niche audience, there is no better place to try and generate traffic from.

Respect the Community

Websites like Reddit can create communities of folks with shared values. If you enter their space and start advertising a product no one’s ever heard of, you’re likely to be ignored or even receive backlash.

Instead of this approach, we recommend really trying to assimilate yourself into the community. Find out how to provide value in the form of a post of your own that is relevant to the site and its interests.

Once you’ve established a level of credibility and trust, users are far more likely to have a look at your product and website.

3. YouTube

YouTube fits the definition of the websites listed above but deserves special mention as one of the strongest marketing tools available in 2022. Consider that 88% of marketers plan to create YouTube videos as part of their marketing campaigns this year.

Video Performs Better in SEO

Dwell time is one of the metrics Google uses to adjust SERP results. As customers stay on your webpage to watch the full video, this naturally increases dwell time.

Video is Comprehensive

A video can accomplish the same job as a blog post and a social media campaign all at once. They are the fastest way to disseminate information about your product and services. This is why 86% of marketers know they’ve generated increased leads with video content.

Rank Instantly

You can rank #1 for search terms on YouTube right after posting the video. This is in contrast to Google rankings, which take a lot of time and consistent effort to climb reliably.

4. Content Management Platforms

While reviewing your web traffic, you may decide that marketing and managing your content is a challenge you’d rather trust someone else with.

In that case, we recommend hiring a professional content management platform like Hushly.


Hushly has helped dozens of B2B sales and marketing teams increase conversions, boost sales and revenue, and create fantastic and memorable user experiences with our comprehensive platform.

We can do the same for you with our data-driven content management approach.

5. Email

Email marketing r one of the best ways to generate organic traffic. Emails are easy to both mass produce and personalize, allowing you to accomplish both casting a wide net and targeting specific customers.

Be Ready with Great Content

Email marketing is fantastic at getting customers to click through your website and see what you’re offering. However, they’ll quickly bounce somewhere else if they are met with a bad user experience or unappealing content.

We recommend that you have a solid collection of relevant and educational content before beginning any campaign that will drive traffic to your site. Without something to do there, visitors aren’t likely to come back.

6. Social Media

Social media is a growing and lucrative marketing resource.

There are several key advantages that social media platforms enjoy over other forms of marketing.

  • User-generated content reigns supreme.
  • Sharing is easy and encouraged.
  • Social media leads convert at a much higher rate.

Make Sure Content is Regular

Your social media strategy should determine how often you post. You don’t need to post social media content daily, as long as there is regular activity and a solid backlog of content for users to browse if they feel inclined to.

7. Guest Posting

Guest posting is the act of writing blogs or articles for other websites or publications.

This can drive traffic in a few ways.

Firstly, it’s an opportunity to expose yourself to a new audience. If your post is relevant to their audience and you post a legitimately interesting piece, you can easily convince interested readers to take a look at what else you’ve posted on your site.

Secondly, working with another publication can help establish a community between you both. This will make future guest posts or even mentions of you in their future posts come more naturally.

Thirdly, it’s a chance to get your name and image out there. Having a backlog of writing credits under various publications will improve your credibility and add some weight to your name.

Respect the publication

Similar to posting on UGC-focused websites, you need to understand the publication you’re writing for and why allowing you to guest post will also benefit them.

Attack from Multiple Angles

The key to generating lots of web traffic is to cast a wide net by tapping into many different resources. You have potential customers who might love your product on every conceivable platform. Start by finding the easiest and most reliable customers and expand from there.

With a comprehensive approach, you’re sure to see some increase in traffic. After that, your content’s job is to keep those customers around and convert them into sales.

If you’re interested in having Hushly generate your web traffic for you, request your demo today.

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