B2B buyers consume more content than ever before when making purchase decisions. This creates a unique challenge for B2B companies trying to generate product demand through digital marketing strategies. Today, these companies must create more content across multiple channels without compromising quality.

While it sounds daunting, TechTarget overcame the challenge with support from Hushly’s B2B demand generation tools. Learn how TechTarget tripled their conversion rates using Hushly tools and how to develop a B2B demand generation strategy.

Who Is TechTarget, and What Was Its Challenge?

TechTarget is a business leader providing intent data and media solutions for tech enterprises. Their marketing and sales products help tech companies target and convert clients more accurately.

However, they had a challenge with their B2B demand generation strategy.

Garrett Mann, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at TechTarget, said, “We are terrific at creating content, but not so great at organizing it. Our team is small and lean, and our challenge was to make it easier to surface and consume multiple content assets, organize them in a way that is personalized to the individual, and create a better user experience.”

They turned to Hushly’s cutting-edge platform because our tools support B2B demand generation by making content creation and distribution simple yet powerful.

How Other B2B Businesses Can Learn from TechTarget

TechTarget’s challenge isn’t unique to the company. Building a scalable strategy requires a strong content marketing team many organizations may not have the resources for. Yet, the need for content during the crucial demand generation stage continues to grow.

Blogs with two to six new weekly posts are 50% more likely to see a high return. The higher post count meets buyers’ demand for more content. According to the 2021 Content Preferences Survey Report, 70% of buyers engage with three or more content pieces before engaging with a salesperson.

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Hushly helps companies keep up with their demand generation strategies by streamlining the discovery and lead generation process. Shorter processes ensure more traffic lands on your website, finds the content they need, and converts into leads.

How Hushly’s B2B Demand Generation Boosted Conversions 3X

Explore five ways Hushlys B2B demand generation tools boosted TechTarget’s conversion rate 3x and how other businesses can experience similar benefits.

1. Simplified the Registration Process

Most demand-generation strategies use landing pages and forms to capture leads. However, TechTarget’s process was unnecessarily lengthy and required significant manual input from visitors. The added time and effort deterred many leads from filling out the form.

Hushly simplified the registration, cutting the seven-field form down to just two fields. It gathered the other data in the back end by following visitor behavior to understand each visitor better.

The streamlined form tripled TechTarget’s conversion rates as more visitors were willing to fill out the two fields.

Your forms are at the forefront of your demand generation strategy. They convert traffic into leads and collect the data you need to identify your strongest leads and segment them accurately. However, you don’t need extensive forms to collect that data, sacrificing the overall number of leads you collect.

Instead, Hushly only requires the minimum information from forms and gathers intent data to understand what customers want, their interest in your products, and where they’re coming from. This data comes from the user’s activity on your site and information attached to their ID.

2. Boosted Asset Downloads

Once users input their information, there are not many benefits from requiring them to input it again if the visitor downloads another asset. This was another area that Hushly streamlined for TechTarget.

Hushly built a multi-asset experience. Visitors only needed to fill out one streamlined form and then had access to several assets. By reducing the redundancy of filling out forms for asset downloads, TechTarget saw 20% of visitors engaging with two to four assets.

When users engage with assets, they provide more data about what information they’re looking for, what products they’re most interested in, and what marketing segment they fit best.

Hushly’s customer-centric experiences ensure visitors to your website have the fewest steps when accessing your crucial demand generation content. With most of the work happening behind the scenes, visitors enjoy a seamless browsing experience while you benefit from more data than you receive from form fields alone.

3. Created Self-Nurturing Landing Pages

Demand capture should seamlessly flow into nurturing to ensure its optimal effectiveness. That’s precisely the experience Hushly created for TechTarget visitors through self-nurturing landing pages.

Building landing pages doesn’t have to require hiring developers and extensive time and effort. Hushly simplifies landing page creation with out-of-the-box options that anyone can customize. After you build the landing page, AI customizes it for visitors based on intent data and information from form fields.

Through customized landing pages, visitors receive an experience personalized to their needs based on the content they interact with. They can receive suggestions for further reading or alternative assets if they don’t find what they want. This promotes further site exploration and helps visitors feel more satisfied because they can discover the information they need with minimal effort.

Help visitors find the content they need without spending hours creating dozens of landing pages. Instead, use Hushly to easily create endless customizable landing pages that generate and nurture new leads based on our extensive database of intent data.

4. Customized Content

Landing pages were just the start of TechTarget’s new personalized browsing experience. Hushly used native embeds to stream customized content across the entire website. The content streams targeted visitors on TechTarget web pages that previously had low conversion rates.

With the real-time content updates, visitors benefited from seeing content they were most likely to find relevant, which boosted their engagement and overall browsing experience.

Hushly’s AI tools use a database of intent data and intelligently monitor visitor actions to curate experiences unique for each visitor. When you use Hushly’s content intelligence in your demand generation, you’ll breathe new life across your website, turning every page into a demand generation opportunity.

5. Recaptured Accounts

Hushly opened the door for TechTarget to reconnect with hard-to-reach accounts. TechTarget created a targeted accounts list of 25 high-value prospects. These prospects required specialized strategies other than what TechTarget already had in place because the accounts weren’t as easy to reach.

TechTarget used Hushly’s platform to create assets and pages once, then customize them endlessly for each account. Hushly’s platform allowed TechTarget to automatically add each account’s logo, sales rep contact information, videos, and personalized data to the page, streamlining the experience and personalizing content.

TechTarget reached 60% of the 25 accounts on their list. Additionally, it increased awareness by 64%, and 20% engaged with TechTarget.

Account-based marketing demand generation targets high-value accounts through personalized experiences. Without Hushly, account customization often requires extensive manual input and design. Hushly streamlines the process by personalizing the demand generation experience for your target accounts with minimal effort.

Streamline Your B2B Demand Generation Strategies

Hushly provides an all-in-one SaaS marketing platform that supports demand generation for B2B businesses. Whether you’re looking for customized browsing, streamlined lead generation, or targeted account-based marketing strategies, Hushly has the tools to build and scale your strategy.

Thanks to Hushly’s AI-powered tools and B2B demand generation agency, you don’t need to invest hours and hire developers to build a customized demand-generation experience. Instead, you can create your content once and allow AI to do all the legwork behind the scenes.

Learn more about our demand capture tools and how they can boost your conversion rate.

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