Most marketers know they need to increase conversion rates if they’re ever going to move the needle on their ROI.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always make it any easier to do.

It’s all too common for marketers to put more and more money into improving their conversion rates and only to be underwhelmed by their results.

3 Reasons You Can’t Increase Your Conversion Rate

Often times, one of the following three reasons is to blame. Eliminate whichever challenge is bottlenecking your current efforts and you should find it much easier to increase your conversion rate.

1. Your Copy Lacks Emotion

Although most of us like to think of ourselves as incredibly rational individuals – especially when we’re considering new purchases – the truth of the matter is that our buying decisions are led by emotions.

So, if you’re making the mistake of aiming your copy solely at the “logical” side of your prospects’ brains, you’ll never increase your conversion rate.

And, yes, B2B buyers are just as emotional when it comes to considering how to spend their company’s budget. They might be more tech-savvy and go through a longer buyer’s journey, but emotions are no less important.

The solution is to lead your landing pages with emotional copy that will get prospects interested and exited.

Only then should you explain to them the features that will legitimize these feelings.

2. Prospects Have to Wait for Your Landing Page to Load

There is absolutely no reason you should have a slow website these days.

For one thing, your ranking depends on how fast your site loads, so even if you think your prospects are patient, just know that Google isn’t.

Of course, your prospects aren’t actually patient. They want the information you promised them in your meta description, PPC copy, anchor text, etc. In fact, you could be losing as much as 60% of your traffic just because your page takes more than three seconds to load.

While there’s never a good reason to send prospects to your competition, that has to be one of the worst considering how easy it is to speed up your website.

3. You’re Trying to Sell More Than One Thing

Each page of your website should have a singular focus.

This is particularly true for landing pages.

Understandably, it can be very tempting to ignore this truth. You may have several offers that are relevant to the same segment.

If that’s the case, you need to focus on fine-tuning your segmentation efforts. By the time you’re ready to convert a segment, you should know enough about them to know which of your offers makes the most sense.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, too many choices will kill your conversions.

Increase Your Conversion Rate in One Simple Step

Whether or not one of the above applies to your B2B company, you can dramatically increase your conversion rate right away with one simple step.

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