For decades, artificial intelligence seemed like a science-fiction concept that could never possibly become reality.

Of course, in recent years, that’s exactly what has happened. You can rest assured this will continue, as well.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay.

That’s big news no matter who you are, but if you work in marketing, it’s especially important that you pay attention to its use and ongoing development.

The future of artificial intelligence and marketing could very well decide which companies succeed and which will fall by the wayside.

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Are Working Together

Although artificial intelligence is often used as an umbrella term, AI can be succinctly described as technology that allows machines to refine the way they accomplish their intended goals through experience over time.

This why AI is often referred to as “machine learning.”

Machines are examining feedback from their efforts, so they can improve their future efforts going forward.

If the prospect of machine learning how to do their job better doesn’t pique your interest in the future of artificial intelligence and marketing working together, here are three examples of how this will benefit your business.

1. Artificial Intelligence Will Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

If your B2B company is like most, part of its marketing budget is reserved for PPC ads. This approach can provide a massive ROI by securing your business top spots in Google for extremely competitive keywords.

Of course, this is only possible if you know how to pick the right keywords and develop an effective bidding strategy for them. It can take years for a marketer to master these finer points.

That’s beginning to change, though.

One of the most important places artificial intelligence and marketing are beginning to merge is actually with PPC ads. In short, AI can now optimize these ads, ensuring that companies quickly find the best opportunities and allocations for their budgets.

This is only the beginning, though. Using AI for PPC purposes is just part of a larger approach known as programmatic advertising. So, no matter what kinds of ads your B2B company runs, expect that AI will soon play a role in how you choose what types to display and where to display them.

2. AI Can Create Conversion-Driving Customization

Website personalization has developed into a huge priority for most businesses as, more and more, prospects have become accustomed to sites that prioritize their unique requirements. In the very near future, B2B companies that don’t offer customized websites will be at a sizable disadvantage to any competitor that does.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence and marketing are already being used in tandem to make this level of personalization much easier. In fact, a number of companies are already leveraging AI and seeing impressive results.

When Evergage researched this burgeoning trend back in 2016, they found that 63% of marketers cited increased conversion rates as one of the benefits of using AI.

3. Churn Is Predictable for Artificial Intelligence

Even the most well-thought-out marketing campaigns can result in disappointing results because of customer churn. Many B2B companies simply don’t have a strategy in place for keeping customers once they’ve converted them.

Once again, this is changing because of another example of artificial intelligence and marketing working together.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that customers display certain behaviors prior to taking their business elsewhere. AI can learn these behaviors and then look to detect them in your current clientele. Whenever the software “realizes” that a company is at risk of leaving, your support team will be alerted.

Keep in mind, this is done before the client has given you notice. In many cases, your team will be able to engage them before they even realize there is a problem that needs addressing.

Putting Artificial Intelligence and Marketing to Work

Prior to going through the above examples, it may have seemed as though it would be years before your company will be using artificial intelligence and marketing together.

Hopefully, you now know better. AI is here to stay and represents a very real opportunity for B2B companies of all sizes and across every industry.

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