A lot of B2Bs either put off or neglect personalization entirely because they assume it’s too complicated, costly, or risky.

The truth is, real-time personalization is much simpler than you’d think!

Artificial intelligence makes it easy to track onsite behavior for every visitor and create an instantly personalized experience.

One-to-one marketing is important. 83% of buyers say the key to winning them over is treating them like a human being instead of just a sale. Meanwhile, 85% of B2Bs expect brands to personalize the very first interaction and have no problem dismissing brands that fall short.

But what does real-time onsite personalization look like in practice? What are some tactics you can implement right away with the right tools? These are a few of our favorites.

8 Real-Time Personalization Tactics You Can Implement Today

You can easily implement these one-to-one marketing tactics with the right software and minimal effort.

1. Self-Nurturing Landing Pages

Think of Netflix or Facebook – have you ever reached the end of the recommended feed? Nope, and that’s exactly the point. That’s how they keep you on the platform.

Self-nurturing landing pages give your leads an endless stream of relevant content – just like Netflix.

Think your B2B visitors and leads aren’t interested in consuming steams of content? Think again. According to a recent survey, 56% of millennials in B2B held director-level positions or above with 42% in managerial positions.

With younger generations taking charge of B2B, they’re blurring the lines between marketing expectations in the business and consumer sectors. Self-nurturing landing pages help them consume content in an endless stream.

2. Real-Time Personalization with Content Recommendations

You can also put your content in an organized content hub and provide personalized recommendations.

Remember that everyone who visits your website has different interests and likes different types of content. Half of all B2B buyers like to watch videos during the buying process, 64% listen to podcasts, and a whopping 76% like infographics.

Either way, they consume at least three pieces of relevant content from a company before reaching out to the sales team.

An adaptive content hub gives them one organized resource center to browse all your best content based on type. For real-time personalization, it will recommend similar relevant pieces of content based on what they already consumed on your site.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

content hub


3. Onsite Personalization with Dynamic CTAs

Dynamic CTAs offer a nice touch, but they’re extremely easy to implement with the right plugins.

When someone visits your website, a plugin will detect certain pieces of information from their web browser or cookies. By analyzing open-source information like this, the plugin can detect things like:

  • Where they live
  • Which company they work for
  • Stage of the buying cycle (with intent data)

You can use that information to give your visitors dynamic CTAs that reference their specific interests, needs, company, or location.

4. Personalized Exit Intent Popups

Exit-intent popups are everywhere. How many times today have you navigated away from a tab only to be confronted with a popup asking for your email address and information?

And how many times did you stick around to fill it out?

When people are trying to navigate away from a website, the last thing they want to do is fill out a form. B2Bs spend about three hours every day conducting research from their smartphones. They definitely don’t want to fill out a form.

Instead of a form, provide them with personalized content marketing. That’s why they came to your site in the first place, right? Here’s what it looks like in action.

exit intent


5. Personalized Content Marketing in Email

Email is every marketer’s favorite personalization channel, with 75% of marketers personalizing their email in some way.

Luckily, email makes it easy to implement real-time personalization. Based on data and lead information you’ve collected, you can personalize their first or last name, company name and details, job title, and much more.

Human lead verification comes in handy here, which cross-references email addresses with public information on LinkedIn in real-time to keep data accurate.



6. Collect Email Addresses at the Perfect Time

70% of B2B searches happen on smartphones now.

When people arrive at your landing pages and blog through Google searches from their phone, are you helping them find the information they need, or are you putting up a wall with forms?

No one wants to fill out a form on their phone – or even their browser for that matter.

Instead, lift the blockade on your content and let your leads research at their own pace. Give them a sample and ask for an email address – nothing more – when they’re ready.

7. Account-Based Onsite Personalization

Real-time personalization is perfect for account-based marketing.

Since companies tend to run on the same IP address, you can identify that as leads visit your website and present them with personalized content for their company.

8. Offer Real-Time Personalization Based on Keyword or PPC

It’s also easy to personalize every landing page experience for your visitors based on keywords.

When someone types a keyword into Google, you can glean some idea of their intent based on the keyword.

Give them a special landing page that helps them learn about your brand and industry based on their unique stage of the buying process – easy real-time personalized content marketing!

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