When it comes to your B2B content marketing strategy, you need to include several different types of content into the mix. This helps you better reach your target audience and improve your overall SEO.

One important type of content worth considering is an eBook. Now, it’s not enough to simply publish a regular eBook. You need to make sure you are taking the time to consider your eBook marketing strategy as well.

An eBook can be a powerful lead magnet and an effective way to help improve your overall B2B content marketing strategy. However, if you are trying to determine whether or not an eBook is a good fit for your business, it is essential to first understand what an eBook actually is.

What is an eBook?

An eBook is essentially a digital version of a traditional, paper-based book. It can contain text, images, audio, and video, and is typically delivered via the internet. These electronic books are a great way for B2B brands to showcase their expertise and provide their target audience with a valuable resource.

The eBook market is growing rapidly. In 2020, approximately 191 million eBooks were sold in the United States alone. In fact, the eBook market has seen medium growth in the U.S., while Asia and Australia have seen a high market growth.

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But it’s not enough to simply publish an eBook then sit back and wait for your audience to come to you. That’s where eBook marketing comes into play.

What is eBook Marketing?

Ebook marketing is the process of promoting your eBook and helping to increase your visibility and sales. This is a complex and intricate process, and it requires you to consider a variety of factors, including:

  • What is the topic of your eBook?
  • How will you market your eBook?
  • How much will you charge for your eBook?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What type of content is included in your eBook?

When it comes to eBook marketing, you need to make sure you consider every aspect of the process. Otherwise, your eBook marketing campaign will fall short of its potential. You also need to factor in where your eBook marketing will fall amongst your larger content marketing strategy as well.

You don’t want to simply slap it into your editorial calendar as if it was just another lengthy blog post. Instead, content such as eBooks should become the cornerstone of a marketing campaign.

Let’s say your eBook is on the effectiveness of social media marketing and ways to build an effective social media strategy. Once you have your eBook written and ready to go, you can use the information you included in the eBook to help you draft shorter blogs on more specific topics and then conclude it with a call to action that directs the readers to your eBook.

5 Ways to Help Improve Your eBook Marketing Efforts

Did you know that when it comes to sharing information for content, 76% of B2B buyers are willing to do so in exchange for a whitepaper and 63% for an eBook? That’s because these forms of content are much more in-depth than your standard content shared on your blog and social media pages.

However, simply designing and publishing an eBook isn’t enough. You need to understand how to market it properly, too. Here are several different ways you can help improve your eBook marketing efforts.

1. Partner with an Influencer or Industry Expert

Influencer marketing is a tactic that has been around for some time, though it has been gaining in popularity recently. Studies show that nearly 68% of U.S. marketers from companies with 100+ employees are planning to use influencer marketing in 2021. Further research shows that nearly 90% of marketers believe influencer marketing to be effective.

Asking an influencer to share your content or products helps you reach a much broader audience. They can help you gain a strong following and get your eBook in front of the right audience. Influencers can also help you gain more credibility and let your audience know that you are a knowledgeable and trustworthy source of information.

2. Create a Landing Page for Your eBook

Another way to help improve your eBook marketing efforts is to create a landing page for your eBook. This landing page can be used to help promote your eBook and entice more people to download it (whether it be free in exchange for personal information or paid for).

If you are using a landing page, you need to make sure that it is highly optimized for search engines. This helps you improve your SEO and get your eBook in front of more people.

3. Use Social Media to Share Your eBook with Your Audience

Social media is one of the most effective ways to help improve your eBook marketing efforts. There are several different ways to use social media for marketing your eBook.

  • Share Your eBook Directly on Social Media – If you are using a landing page for your eBook, you can share it directly on your social media pages. This allows you to get your eBook in front of your audience immediately.
  • Create a Social Media Ad Campaign – If you don’t want to share the eBook directly, then you can create a social media ad campaign. This ad can be used to help promote your eBook and entice new visitors to learn more about it.

4. Post It on Your Blog

A great way to help improve your eBook marketing efforts is to post it on your blog. This allows you to include a longer description of your eBook and links to where people can download it. You can also include a call to action in this description, encouraging people to download your eBook.

5. Use an Email Campaign

If you want to help improve your eBook marketing efforts even more, then you should consider using an email campaign. You can do this by creating a series of emails that include links to your eBook. You can also include a call to action at the end of each email, encouraging people to download your eBook.

Consider an eBook for Your Next Lead Magnet

If you are looking to create a lead magnet for your business, you should consider creating an eBook. Not only are they more in-depth than a lot of your other lead magnets, but they can also help you improve your overall B2B content marketing strategy.

Need help getting started with your next lead magnet? Check out our guide on how to create lead magnets today!

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