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Self-Nurturing Landing Page

Lead with value and increase conversions among would-be abandoners with one of our most popular content marketing tools, our landing page creator. Landing pages are no longer dead ends with our landing page software in place. Hushly’s AI engine will recommend personalized and related content, making the user experience more satisfactory and reducing disruption to their content consumption flow.

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In fact, our data shows that on average 37% of all leads come from a content recommendation which means if you’re not providing a personalized content recommendation to your landing page visitors then you’re missing out on valuable insights about your in-market accounts activities and leads that consume various pieces of content.

Use our landing page builder to gather more favorable leads by allowing visitors to preview content first, without completing your form. By requesting their business email address only after they want to save the content, you know these leads have found your content valuable and are more likely to convert down the line.

The Personalized
Landing Page Experience

Most B2B landing pages are dead ends. They offer just one piece of content, and the next-best asset is often gated or delivered to the user a week later via a nurture email. That’s no longer how users want to consume content. Today’s buyers are smart. They have resources and options, and they want a content experience platform that allows them to self-educate at their own pace. That’s where our landing page builder comes in.

Hushly’s landing page software solves this problem by allowing visitors to view a stream of content and continually self-nurture. This is done by using AI to aggregate related content and create personalized content experiences. By  delivering the most relevant content to the right person and the right time, Hushly is able to take your content engagement strategy to the next level. The landing page creator allows for personalization at enterprise scale with the ability  to completely design a great looking landing page  that fits with your brand.

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