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Your B2B company’s website is supposed to be a constant source of new business.

When prospects visit, your website should convert them into qualified leads, so your sales team can convert them into actual customers.

If this isn’t happening, you may be paying all kinds of fees to keep your site up and running, despite the fact that it’s not holding up its end of the bargain by providing some kind of ROI.

Don’t tolerate this predicament. Make website conversion optimization a priority, so your B2B starts pulling its weight ASAP.

3 Website Conversion Optimization Strategies to Increase Your Leads

While there are all kinds of ways you can improve your B2B company’s lead-generation results, website conversion optimization should be at the top of your list. Once your website is pulling leads into your funnel, you’ll have a passive source feeding your conversions.

Here are three ways to get your site there.

1. Reverse-Engineer the Path Taken by Converted Leads

Website navigability is important for several reasons. It helps with SEO, but it’s also just as much about ensuring that your visitors are able to find what they are after.

Do that well and many of them will walk right through your lead-generation funnel, from beginning to end (conversions). That will lead to better website conversion optimization all on its own.

Still, whenever this happens, use Google Analytics to research the paths they took.

Following one converted lead’s path may be helpful, but, ideally, you want to take a macro-level approach, so you can find the most popular paths they’re taking.

For example, you might find that one blog post does especially well at sending visitors to a specific services page, at which point they tend to check out your “About Us” section before contacting you for further information.

In that case, you’d want to create more posts on the same subject and point them toward that services page. You may even want to A/B test that services page (more on that in a minute) to see if you can’t improve its results, as well.

2. Outfit Your Entire Site with Social Proof

Every converted lead should help you convert more leads.

We just touched on one method, but another smart website conversion optimization strategy for generating more leads is to leverage social proof on every single page.

Now, some subtlety is required here. You don’t want to overwhelm visitors with display after display of how much clients love your company.

Instead, create case studies around successful examples. You can use them as blog posts, but you can also position them as “how-to” pieces – extremely valuable to leads – and show them as “ads” either in your headers or along the sides of each page.

Of course, testimonials are great, too.

These should be on your homepage, but they would also make sense on the headers of your different webpages, as well.

3. A/B Test Your Most Popular Pages and Implement What You Learn

A lot of website conversion optimization strategies are based on the premise that you already know where your site is weak. And, of course, maybe you do. In that case, it makes sense to attack those problems ASAP.

Still, it can be a big mistake to simply assume you know what’s working and what’s not. In many cases, what appears to be working is actually falling far short of what would work best.

This is why A/B testing for lead generation purposes has become so popular.

Provided you have sufficient traffic, an A/B test can really help move the needle when improving your website.

A/B testing landing pages have become commonplace for this very reason. When they work well, landing pages are extremely cost-effective for lead generation. At the same time, these simple pages can be deceptively complicated. It’s worth it to test every major feature to ensure you’re not leaking conversions.

Once you see what’s working, implement that across your other pages, as well. Just be sure you continue A/B testing to ensure the implementation was a success.

Improve Your Website Conversion Optimization Right Away

If you want to get started on website conversion optimization right away, we have the answer.

While the above advice is still important, Hushly will begin delivering you verified emails for every qualified lead who views the content on your site.

Best of all, we only charge on a CPL (Cost-Per Lead) basis. So, if we don’t offer you any new leads, you don’t take on any new overhead.

However, as more than 100 satisfied customers can tell you, that’s not going to happen.

To see for yourself how powerful our user-friendly platform is, request your free demo today.

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