Is your B2B company’s website a constant and reliable source of qualified leads?

If not, imagine if that was the case.

How much easier would your sales team have it if your website was passively feeding them the kinds of leads who are ready to convert?

How much easier would your marketing team have it if they could take an account-based approach and aim their efforts at specific targets?

That kind of setup doesn’t have to remain in your imagination, though. You just have to understand what it actually takes to increase your conversion rate.

How to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your B2B Website

Don’t settle for lackluster conversions from your B2B website. No matter what industry you’re in, you can increase your conversion rate by following the three tips below.

1. Use Lead Magnets (the Right Way)

One of the most common recommendations you’ll hear from someone trying to help you increase your conversion rate is to use a lead magnet. On its face, this makes perfect sense. If someone wants your lead magnet, it’s would stand to reason that they’re a qualified lead interested in your B2B company.

The reason more marketers aren’t as excited about lead magnets as they should be is that they often aren’t using them correctly.

What they offer to leads – in exchange for their email addresses – is information those leads could have found anywhere else online. The information isn’t special and, often, it’s not even especially useful.

These marketers then use those email addresses to follow up with leads and – surprise, surprise – they don’t convert.

Always give your leads something incredible with your lead magnets.

A case study is a perfect example. It’s information the lead can’t get anywhere else and, if the case study is well done, it’s incredibly helpful information, too.

Case in point: we actually use a case study to show how Hushly 35x’d a client’s ROI from paid traffic. It’s been incredibly powerful for converting new clients.

If your lead magnet doesn’t promise much of anything, don’t expect anyone to care. If it promises something incredible and underdelivers, don’t expect those leads to convert. Always give leads something helpful that they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

2. Show – Don’t Tell – What You Can Do

It’s become all-too-easy for B2B companies to make big claims about what their products or services are able to offer clients.

If your website features similar boasts – and nothing else – you’ll probably still enjoy a healthy amount of conversions, but you’ll fall far short of your potential.

In fact, you may be quite surprised by just how much you increase your conversion rate once you back up those claims with evidence.

Specifically, place client testimonials on every page of your site.

Your homepage should feature a number of them above the fold, so prospects see them the moment they arrive. You should also put some toward the bottom, as well.

The footer of each page is actually a great place to put one or two on every single one of your pages. You want to make it abundantly clear to prospects that your B2B company is just as helpful as you say.

Don’t forget about the aforementioned case studies, too. They’re even better than testimonials because they really get into the nuts and bolts behind your success.

A well-written case study should read much like a story and actually get your prospect excited about doing business with your company.

3. Switch to Paid Search if You’ve Been Relying on Content Marketing

There’s a lot of good things to be said about the power of content marketing for B2B companies.

Perhaps your company has even invested a large amount of time and money into leveraging its potential. Perhaps doing so hasn’t done a lot to increase your conversion rate, though.

If that’s the case, here’s the easy solution: switch to PPC.

Put your content marketing efforts on hold for the time being and start running paid ads. For one thing, it will bring you more qualified traffic, which is much easier to convert. For another, the analytics from this qualified traffic will give you valuable information about your target market.

Eventually, you can use this information to power your content.

Would You Like to Increase Your Conversion Rate Right Away?

As you just saw, there’s no reason to tolerate low conversions.

Of course, while you should implement the above advice, you also don’t have to wait that long to increase your conversion rate.

Instead, let Hushly help. Contact us today and we’ll tell you how our user-friendly platform can increase conversions by well over 50%.

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