Does your company invest in content marketing?

If so, what kinds of results have you seen?

Are leads coming to you, ready to be converted?

Or are you having trouble even getting people to your site?

In the digital age, there is no lack of content marketing services to choose from, so if you’re not seeing the results you want from your campaigns, the problem might be that you simply aren’t choosing the right ones.

3 Content Marketing Services You Need to Leverage

It’s become incredibly easy – and affordable – to outsource your marketing needs.

That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success, though.

Instead, it is absolutely crucial that you’re investing in the three content marketing services covered below.

1. Case Studies

When choosing content marketing services to invest in, it’s vital to think about social proof. After all, the more you can show leads how much other companies like working with yours, the more likely they’ll be to convert.

For that reason, it’s hard to think of a more powerful piece of content than a case study.

Telling leads about how great the solution you offer is will only get you so far.

Demonstrating the solution is a lot better.

However, better still is showing a lead how your solution has already helped a company just like theirs. Show them exactly what they can gain from hiring your company.

2. Customized Content

Blogging – especially long-form blogs – have long-been a stable of B2B content marketing.

That said, customized content is clearly king these days.

Therefore, you need to take a step further in order for your blog to attract and convert leads. Find out who’s actually coming to your site and then create content for each of these segments.

3. Infographics

Infographics have become incredibly popular over the past five years or so and, yet, they’re also extremely underrated as a marketing tool.

Infographics offer all kinds of benefits, but the most notable one is that they make it easy to share data with your audience in a way that is visually-appealing.

That last feature is extremely important.

In a world that is awash in social media, the “shareability” of content has become a critical metric for content marketing services.

The shareability of infographics is extremely high, which means you have a very good chance of reaching new leads simply because other people are spreading your content – for free.

Start Creating the Content Your Market Really Wants

Now that you understand the three content marketing services your company can’t afford to be without, all you need to do is invest in have this kind of content created.

As we mentioned earlier, doing so is more affordable than ever before. You may even consider reallocating money in your budget for less-productive efforts and putting it toward these three instead.

At Hushly, we can help you make these services even more effective, too. Our platform helps enterprise companies increase their website conversions by a minimum of 50% because we reengage them with your content as they try to leave your website or landing page. We’re seeing an average content engagement lift of 473% with our customers, but we strive for 3x content engagement lift.

If your company would benefit from those kinds of results, contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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