Artificial intelligence and machine learning weren’t on the agenda in most marketing courses ten or even five years ago.

Nevertheless, AI and machine learning are nearly standard practice these days as part of your business and marketing strategies.

Whether you’re a sales rep, CMO, CEO, manager, or marketer, it’s worthwhile to spend some time learning about how AI works and how you can apply it to your general activities.

Coding AI engines and machine learning systems might seem complicated but using them definitely isn’t. Tools like Hushly are specifically designed to be user-friendly with no need for coding knowledge.

These AI and machine learning courses are perfect for developing the knowledge you need for B2B online marketing applications.

9 B2B Online Marketing Courses to Help You Understand AI and Machine Learning

Below you’ll find a handful of affordable online courses from Google AI, Coursera, and Udemy. Each course is a cost-effective way for C-level employees, marketers, and sales staff to boost their AI understanding without investing in a serious degree.

1. AI Foundations for Everyone

IBM’s AI Foundations for Everyone is a three-course specialization designed to give anyone a better understanding of basic AI and machine learning. This specialization is designed for beginners with no background in technology, so it’s perfect for B2Bs and marketers.

Students learn terminology, use cases, and coding-free applications in three courses:

  • Intro to AI
  • Getting Started with AI
  • Building AI Chatbots without Coding

The whole specialization takes about three months to complete if you devote two hours each week and costs $39 per month.

2. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to AI is the first course in IBM’s three-course specialization mentioned in the bullet above. However, this course deserves its own attention because it’s brief, generalized, and accessible to everyone.

Like all courses in the specialization, Introduction to AI requires no IT, engineering, coding, programming, or tech experience.

Students learn the basics of AI and machine learning through four modules:

  • What is AI? Definitions and examples
  • Basic AI concepts, terminology, and applications
  • Ethics surrounding the impact of AI on jobs, society, and biases
  • The future of AI and putting use cases into action.

You can finish this course in a single day or eight hours.

3. Google AI Education

As a company on the forefront of AI and machine learning technology, Google offers a wide range of courses, games, interactive content, podcasts, and more.

You can sort resources by your background or experience level. Some resources and courses are specifically designed for business decisionmakers and “curious cats” as Google calls them.

Some courses specifically focus on preparing and managing data for machine learning applications which is especially useful for B2B online marketing.

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Google AI

4. Machine Learning for All

The University of London sponsors this exciting course on AI for beginners.

Creators designed this course for people without backgrounds in mathematics, coding, or engineering. There’s no intro to Python or other types of coding either.

Once finished, you’ll understand how modern machine learning technology works, the importance of high-quality data, and AI’s impact on society.

The course takes 22 hours to complete and charges a flat rate of $49.

5. Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning for Finance

Anyone in the finance industry might be interested in Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning for Finance from NYU.

This specialization dives into the basics of using artificial intelligence and ML for stock and options trading. Students can take four courses in succession or each as a standalone to broaden their knowledge of machine learning in finance.

As an intermediate course, only those with a beginner’s background in algebra, programming, and statistics should sign up. 

6. Artificial Intelligence for Business

This course on Udemy is for anyone with a basic high school math education and minimal knowledge in Python.

Students learn about a wide range of use cases of AI and machine learning in business such as optimizing internal processes, increasing efficiency, implementation, and more.

It takes about 15 hours to complete the entire course – perfect for a long weekend.

7. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

This course is specifically designed for anyone with at least a minimal background in digital marketing, so it’s perfect for B2B online marketing applications. Specifically, content marketers will benefit from this course.

Students learn various ways to incorporate AI into their digital marketing through tactics like content creation, augmented reality, apps, lead generation, influencer marketing, analytics, and more.

As a primer, the entire course only takes less than five hours to complete so you can walk away with practical knowledge in as little as an afternoon.

8. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business

Billed as the “ultimate” AI and machine learning course for CXOs, managers, and leaders, this course requires no knowledge of programming or AI – just some managerial experience.

You’ll learn practical applications of AI with use cases like human resources, sales, marketing, supply chain management, and more. Individual modules break down AI in various verticals like e-commerce, banking, healthcare, and communications.

As an intro course, students also learn AI and machine learning terminology, limitations, and common programs for creating AI among other important basics.

Although jam-packed with resources, this Udemy course takes less than six hours to complete.

9. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Managers

While designed for business managers and not coders, students should have a basic understanding of algorithms and high school mathematics.

This course dives into the technical details of AI and associated machine learning algorithms.

You’ll walk away from the course with an understanding of where to apply AI in your business, what types of algorithms you’ll need, essential programs to use, and potentially what tools you’ll need or who you’ll need to hire.

For the hands-on project, you’ll design and implement a cancer-detecting AI system through Python.

The entire course takes less than two hours to finish and explains coding line-by-line so only minimal knowledge is required.

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