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Content Engagement Hubs

Adaptive Content Hubs

Accelerate, Nurture, and Educate Prospect Accounts and Leads with a Content Engagement Strategy

Hushly’s Content Hub’s offer a unique content experience where visitors can view personalized streams of content on their terms. Viewers can consume content in a way that feels natural as Hushly’s AI delivers the right content based on machine learning models or through 3rd party intent data.   Embed personalized content streams on any of your website pages to increase both consumption and lead conversions.

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Adaptive Content Hubs at Scale

We live in the age of content. There’s an infinite amount of content out there, and competition to get visitors has never been higher. Here at Hushly we’ve learned a thing or two about how users prefer to consume content, and we’re using what we’ve learned to boost your content engagement strategy with our content engagement platform.

Today’s B2B buyers are offered content in a way that doesn’t feel intuitive. The same content is spread across various pages and static resource centers. They have to hunt for relevant assets depending on their vertical, industry, job role, country, etc.

Hushly’s content experience platform solves this problem with a content hub that serves personalized content streams. Through AI, intent data, and a B2B buyer business profile, each visitor is offered uniquely relevant content.

Our content engagement platform also allows you to create multiple content hubs and content streams for various campaigns at no additional charge. B2B buyers are also served content recommendations to help them make informed decisions faster as they self-nurture through this content engagement strategy.

The Personalized Content Experience

Our most effective content engagement strategy turns landing page abandoners into leads through custom content. Upon recognizing that a visitor is about to abandon your form, Hushly’s content experience platform will offer enticing content suggestions based on B2B marketing technology including AI and machine learning. Visitors are able to see a content preview without having to complete the form, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Our content engagement platform provides a simple way to execute content personalization at scale so you can increase conversions through a better content experience. Hushly shows value up front, proving that your content is worthwhile, then requests and verifies business emails only after visitors want to save it.

Personalized Embed Stream such as this one below is another great way to offer content on otherwise static web pages.