Email remarketing is one of the best tools at your disposal for nurturing leads.

  • It’s cost-effective compared to social media advertising and PPC
  • Most email service providers offer a full suite of innovative automation and integration tools
  • You don’t have to fight against social media algorithms for organic reach

Plus, 41% of B2B buyers say they prefer to communicate with brands through email. What’s not to love?

The key to creating effective lead nurturing emails is developing a strategy. Ask yourself:

  • Who am I writing emails for?
  • What’s their stage of the buying cycle?
  • What type of content would they find the most interesting and relevant?

Let’s go over the basics of B2B email retargeting so you can develop a comprehensive strategy.

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Email Remarketing

Use these tips and ideas to create a personalized email retargeting experience for every subscriber.

Use Clean Data to Guide Your Email Retargeting Campaigns

A recent study says that 80% of businesses will abandon their personalization strategies by 2025 due to poor ROI.

It’s a scary thought but when you consider that most businesses are relying on inaccurate data, it isn’t surprising. 62% of businesses use data that’s up to 40% incorrect to guide their business strategies and objectives. Yikes.

Bad data is costly. Every incorrect piece of data costs $1 to scrub before it enters your system. However, it costs $10 to fix later and a whopping $100 if it just sits there to rot and throw off your decisions.

Start with tactics like human lead verification to check every lead before they enter your system. Using publicly available information on LinkedIn, an algorithm will verify data and fill gaps.

You’ll always be able to build email remarketing campaigns with the most accurate information.

Send Different Lead Nurturing Emails to Everyone

It’s a mistake to send the same content to your entire email list. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

If you’re running an account-based marketing strategy, start by breaking your subscriber list up into groups based on the company they work for so you can create personalized ABM email retargeting campaigns.

You can also segment your audience based on firmographics even without an ABM campaign.

  • Job role
  • Company market share
  • Company size
  • Buying power
  • Stage of the buying process

Finally, you may also want to segment your list based on the type of content each group prefers. Research shows that about half of buyers watch videos during the buying process while another 64% prefer podcasts and 76% like infographics.

Create Unique Landing Pages for Your Email Remarketing Campaigns

If you’re sending personalized email remarketing campaigns, you don’t want to send every lead the same landing page, right?

Instead, create unique landing pages for each campaign.

Consider each lead’s stage of the buying process and which pieces of content they’ve already consumed as you design your landing pages.

You can also use self-nurturing landing pages to help your leads educate themselves at their own pace. Instead of dead-end landing pages that send readers on their way, self-nurturing pages give leads an endless stream of personalized content.

Here’s a snapshot of a self-nurturing landing page:

self-nurturing page

Source: Hushly

Send Personalized Content for Email Remarketing Campaigns

Newsletters are excellent tools for boosting trust, awareness, and demand generation. Unfortunately, in most cases, they’re far too general.

63% of senior-level execs say the content they consume is too generic and another 53% say it doesn’t address their problems.

Break through the noise with highly personalized email remarketing campaigns.

Create content specifically for nurturing different segments of your audience and promote it through email. Use data and some good old fashioned social interaction to learn about your leads, their daily problems, and how you can address their problems with some nuance.

Integrate Your Social Media and Email Retargeting Campaigns

Remember that lead nurturing emails are part of a broader strategy for targeting leads across multiple channels.

Yes, email is effective because it’s personal and everyone uses it. However, your leads hang out in different places online.

Who are your most engaged email subscribers? Which pieces of content are they clicking? Which content can you promote on social media to help guide them through different stages of the sales process?

Fortunately, LinkedIn offers awesome retargeting features. Just plug in a URL from your site (like a personalized blog post) and LinkedIn will promote your sponsored post to everyone who viewed that URL.

Create Unique Buyer Journeys with Automation

Automation doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, more B2Bs should embrace it because it makes their job much easier.

You can create personalized buyer journeys ahead of time and schedule them to go out to new leads at different intervals. Consider including:

  • Tutorials on how current customers use your product
  • Videos so leads can get to know your company
  • Information about your industry that leads should know
  • Tools to make life easier for your leads

Don’t Stop Retargeting Buyers Post-Purchase

Research has found that 80% of B2B customers will switch suppliers in the first two years citing a poor customer experience.

That figure aligns with the idea that 83% of B2B buyers want to be treated like a human with personalized content but only 20% of brands are running effective personalization strategies.

Use automation, personalization, and email remarketing to provide a helpful and welcome experience for your customers post-purchase.

In the days where lead generation reigns supreme, brands are doing themselves a disservice by neglecting current customers. AI and email marketing can change that for the better.

Use Automation to Create a Personalized Experience for Everyone

Today’s B2Bs expect a personalized experience at every touchpoint. Hushly’s AI engine can help you capitalize on data you’re already collecting to create a personalized experience for every visitor.

Our algorithm closely monitors every click and suggests relevant pieces of content that guide leads down the sales funnel – it’s the Netflix of B2B marketing.

Hushly can help you skyrocket leads by 51% – we guarantee it! See Hushly’s platform in action now.

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