If your company’s conversion rate optimisation has dropped this past year, it may be because you don’t know about the new tactics that work best in 2018.

Much of what worked last year is no longer relevant, which means you may need to make some important changes ASAP.

3 Ways to Achieve Conversion Rate Optimisation in 2018

The good news is that the three conversion rate optimisation tactics listed below can quickly turn your lagging numbers into impressive percentages.

1. Utilize Personalization – The RightWay

Personalization is a force-multiplier in marketing.

We’re beyond the point where anyone denies that. The problem is that far too many companies utilize personalization the wrong way.

This is especially relevant for B2B companies. Sending out emails with the recipients’ names in the first line or subject isn’t going to cut it anymore.

True personalization means properly segmenting your market and then curating information you know is relevant to their goals. That’s how you optimize your conversion rates in 2018. It’s all about going the extra mile (which will benefit your ROI).

2. Embrace GDPR

The GDPR is finally here.

Simply put, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation requires that companies can’t collect prospects’ data without being upfront about how they’ll use it and allowing them access to it at any point.

For many marketers, this sounds like a nightmare. It’s virtually guaranteed to attack the numbers you used to see at the top of your funnel.

However, for marketers who know what they’re doing, the GDPR is an unprecedented gift in terms of their conversion rates.

That’s because it will get rid of prospects who were never that interested to begin with. It will also ensure a certain amount of trust you could practically never earn through traditional promises.

After all, there are now legal ramifications for misusing information.

Again, you’ll need to go the extra mile in terms of the content your deliver. If you fall short of expectations, expect an email requesting that you delete a prospect’s data.

Still, if you step up to the challenge, the number of leads you receive will shrink, but the number of qualified leads will grow – much easier to optimize.

3. Start Investing in Better Lead Capture Forms

Naturally, you can only take advantage of this new development if you optimize your lead capture forms.

You need to go above and beyond in terms of explaining the value of a prospect providing you with their data.

You also need to be relentless about looking at where errors are coming from in your forms and the overall bounce rate. The better you get at revising these pages, the more conversions you’ll see.

Make 2018 the Year You Finally Master Conversion Rate Optimisation

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