B2B content marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways for companies to attract new leads and turn them into customers.

There’s no reason to expect that will change in the near future.

However, what will change is what it will take for your B2B content marketing efforts to beat those of your competitors.

Understand what the future holds for this tactic and you can begin taking immediate steps to meet those demands.

High-Quality Content Is No Longer Enough

In the past, one of the most reliable ways to attract B2B clients was with inbound marketing. While that certainly remains the case, personalized content is becoming the new standard.

A study that looked at customized content produced two very important conclusions.

First, it proved that the world of B2B marketing is already trending toward personalized content. More than 60% of the companies that were surveyed reported that they were already using custom content in their B2B marketing strategy.

Better still, it’s clearly working.

48% said that customizing their content had proven “more effective” than their prior approach. An additional 32% said it was “much more effective.”

Furthermore, only 55% of these companies have been personalizing their content for up to two years, so even if your competitors fall into this group, you have plenty of time to catch up if you start now.

What It Takes to Create Customized Content

These improved results require a little extra effort, though.

In the study highlighted above, 17% of the more 180 B2B companies reviewed said that the results they saw from customized content were “about the same.” 3% said it was “less effective.”

One reason for this could simply be that these companies didn’t know how to create custom content.

For one thing, it doesn’t mean that all of your content going forward needs to be customized. The sweet spot seems to be between 21% and 40% of your content.

You also don’t need to customize all of this content at the individual level. That would be impossible.

Instead, personalize your content based on these categories:

  • Segment
  • Persona
  • Stage
  • Account
  • Lead

As with all forms of marketing, your success will depend on factors unique to your company and industry. It will take time to find out which type of customized content works best for each of these categories.

That’s one more reason to get started with this approach right away.

Start Customizing Your B2B Content Marketing Right Now

Soon, companies that aren’t able to customize their B2B content marketing efforts will struggle to attract customers at the same rates as their competition.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to discover who is visiting your website, so you can create content you know they’ll love.

At Hushly, we help clients increase their website conversions by as much as 50% while reducing acquisition costs by up to 66%.

How would you like to do the same?

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