In the Digital Age, B2B marketing has never been easier.

Modern-day marketers have more options than ever before to attract leads, engage with them, and lead them down the path to converting.

Of course, many would argue that all of these options have actually made marketing more confusing than ever before, as well as costlier.

4 Strategies That Will Keep Your B2B Marketing Cost-Effective

While this can be true, it only applies to marketers that overlook affordable, yet effective, opportunities.

Specifically, try these four strategies for successful B2B marketing that won’t blow your budget.

1. Build a Following on LinkedIn

Content marketing is, by far, your best channel if you want to keep costs down.

However, far too many marketers make the mistake of posting content solely to their own websites.

Unless you already have traffic coming in, chances are that no one will see that content. Which means that creating it is a waste of time and money.

While regularly posting SEO-focused content on your site makes sense, you should give just as much, if not more, of your time to building a social media following.

First and foremost, this means posting to LinkedIn, a site that 79% of B2B marketers use for lead-generation. It’s a lot easier to build a network on that site and attract traffic than to only rely on SEO to slowly earn favor with Google.

2. Network for Guest-Posting Opportunities

Don’t forget about posting on other companies’ websites, too. While you obviously won’t have any luck with competitors, plenty of other companies would love to have your help producing regular content.

In return, you’ll receive even greater exposure and may also earn that all-important backlink, a force-multiplier for SEO.

While most marketers only focus on guest-posting opportunities for themselves, there’s also a lot to be said for offering space on your site to others.

You definitely want to be careful about who you let post on your site, but as long as they’ll do a good job, a reliable guest-poster can become a free source of high-quality content.

This is also a great way to build your professional network with others in your industry who are dedicated to B2B marketing.

3. Try Different Topics Early on to See What Works Best

Fast forward six months from now. You’ve implemented the two strategies we just covered. Your costs have stayed down, but you also don’t have a lot to show for your efforts.

What went wrong?

More than likely, you’re not covering the topics your market actually wants to know about. That means you’ll have to rethink your strategy, which means starting over, which means finding room in your budget to cover this overhaul.

That’s why your strategy must begin with carefully considering topics for your content. Highlighting success stories in case studies is always a hit. The same goes for detailed “how-to” posts that solve common problems.

You can also see what’s getting the most engagement on social media or what your competition seems to return to over and over again – always a good sign that the topic is a winner.

No matter what you find, try a number of different topic-types at the beginning. Over time, you’ll know exactly which topics are the ones that most deserve your budget.

4. Grow Your Email List

Imagine if, instead of having to compete on Google for attention, you had direct access to your market and could send them content whenever you wanted.

Social media provides something very close to this kind of scenario.

But only an email list means you can proactively engage your market without any distractions from your competition.

This is why email has the highest ROI of any B2B marketing option.

In order to build this incredible asset, though, you need to first follow the advice above.

Produce engaging content – on your site and elsewhere – that your market comes back to again and again. Eventually, offer a lead magnet at the end in exchange for your leads’ email addresses.

After that, you already know what kind of content they like, so continue providing it to them until you’re ready to close the sale. That’s about as cost-effective as B2B marketing can get.

See Results from Your B2B Marketing Efforts ASAP

Of course, one of the most important ways to ensure that your B2B marketing is cost-effective is by keeping your conversion timeline as short as possible.

The sooner you can convert a lead after that initial contact, the better. At Hushly, we’ve pioneered a proven method for doing just that.

Our platform has increased landing page conversions by more than 51% and improved content engagement by over 305%, all while cutting cost-per-lead by a third.

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