It’s no exaggeration to say that many B2B companies owe the majority of their clients to a successful content marketing plan.

Unfortunately, as you may have discovered, successful B2B content marketing plans aren’t as easy as it often seems.

Regularly posting blogs just isn’t enough anymore.

3 B2B Content Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Costs

One of the most important things you can do to achieve greater engagement and more conversions with your content is to avoid the common mistakes that are holding most companies back from these kinds of results.

1. You’re Not Creating Actionable Content

Far too often, B2B content marketing entails little more than blog posts about very general topics. They explain the definitions of industry terms or answer incredibly basic questions (these usually seemlike a good idea for SEO reasons).

There are two main problems with this approach though.

The first is that B2B customers tend to be savvier. They generally have a high-level understanding about the product or service they’re considering. They need detailed answers to theirspecific questions.

Second, actionable content is the only way to get readers to come back again and again. B2B customers also have a longer decision-making process, so it’s extremely important you convince your leads that it’s worth returning to your content. The best way to do this is by giving them information they can utilize right away to solve their problems.

2. Your Blog Posts Are Just a Sales Pitches

There’s nothing wrong with including a CTA in your content.

However, it’s a major content marketing faux paus to create blog posts that are nothing but sales pitches.

This is acceptable for whitepapers. eBooks can often work as sales copy, too, as long as you let the prospect know its goal before they download it. Blog posts that blatantly position your product or service in the best possible light are a complete waste of time.

Again, your content needs to be actionable.

Furthermore, no one’s fooled when a blog post by your company just happens to conclude that yourproduct/service is what’s best for the client.

3. Ignoring the Need for Backlinks

If all you do is focus your B2B content marketing strategies on your prospects, you’ll lose to competitors that cast a much wider net.

What successful B2B marketers have learned to do is focus on the authorities in their fields who can help increase their exposure.

Specifically, this means creating content that earns backlinks.

For the most part, your audience will not link to your site. So even if they love your content, it won’t do you any good when it comes to one of Google’s most impactful ranking metrics.

So look for opportunities to guest post on authority sites in your industry and both your traffic and status as an authority will enjoy a sizable boost.

Another very interesting company called Linkio is doing some great work in the SEO space that warrants a plug.  If you’re having trouble with link building campaigns its worth a look.

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