Why Do B2Bs Need Self-Nurturing Landing Pages to Turbocharge Leads?

How do you spend your free time away from work?

If you’re like most people, you enjoy watching your favorite Netflix or Hulu shows, listening to your favorite curated Spotify playlists, scrolling through Facebook, and shopping through your favorite app.

Top apps like these all have one key feature in common: endless streams of personalized content.

I’m willing to bet that when you visit a new website, you feel frustrated if it doesn’t live up to the UX and personalization standards set by tech giants like Amazon, Ali Express, and Facebook – even if you don’t realize it.

Well, your B2B buyers feel the same way about your website.

According to the latest research, 62% of businesses will consider switching vendors if a brand doesn’t even try to personalize its communication.

Self-nurturing landing pages are the answer to generating more (and higher quality) leads while meeting buyer expectations.

Why Your Form is Outdated

According to research from Google, 50% of B2Bs conduct searches from their smartphone with the average buyer spending an average of three hours each day on their mobile device.

By next year, this figure will skyrocket to over 70%.


Source: Google

Your website might be optimized for mobile browsing with a responsive design, but what about your lead magnets and landing pages?

If you’re nodding your head “yes” but still using forms, your website isn’t completely mobile-friendly. Let’s get real: no one likes filling out forms—least of all B2B buyers on their phones. It’s just not a fun experience.

Sure, if there’s an emergency like time-sensitive concert tickets or event registrations, you’ll race through the form – but that’s the exception to the rule.

I promise that no B2B buyer is arriving at your eBook, report, or authoritative blog post and thinking “Awesome! I’m so glad I can give another company my email address, job title, and name just to access this piece of content!”

Forms are holding you back. Self-nurturing landing pages are the future.

Self-Nurturing Landing Pages: Your Roadmap to Generating Leads

Ditching forms needs to be part of a broader personalization strategy.

By implementing the following strategies, you can generate not only more leads but higher quality ones.

Boosting access to your content means that people won’t hand over their email address unless they’re 100% confident that they genuinely want to stay in contact with you.

Personalize Their Route Based on Weather Conditions

B2B marketers across the board say they struggle to leverage data across multiple sources.

That’s really the first step to creating a personalized self-nurturing strategy: getting your data in order.

With Hushly, for example, we can personalize content as soon as someone visits your website based on data from various sources. By showing them the best topics and types of content, they’ll stay on your website longer which instantly improves your brand awareness.

Let’s say a buyer visits your website and based on data from other sources, we can tell that they work for an NGO. Your website would then continue showing them similar content that other NGO workers may find interesting, for example.

Drop Dead Ends with Content Bingeing

When someone gets to the end of your eBook or case study, what happens?

If it just ends without other personalized content offerings, you need a new solution. Self-nurturing content bingeing features can help you clean up dead-end landing pages.

Why is this important?

B2B decision-makers like to educate themselves at their own pace and 78% say they consume at least three pieces of relevant authoritative content before committing to a vendor.

Are you allowing buyers to consume content at their leisure – or rationing it?

Put yourself in their shoes: would you rather browse and research an endless stream of relevant content or read one blog post, sign up for a mailing list, and receive content stretched out over an email sequence?

Probably the former.


Source: Hushly

Supply a Few Route Options – But Avoid Roundabouts of Endless Choices

Roundabouts can help keep traffic flowing but when a city first constructs one, people initially hate it.

Why? Because it supplies too many options and drivers don’t know how to use it.

How would you feel if Netflix or Facebook started showing you random topics that you’ve never expressed interest in? You’d get angry. You may even take a screenshot and share your frustration with friends.

Choices are good. Too many choices aren’t.

By properly categorizing content and employing data-driven personalization tactics, you can create a mini-Netflix on your own B2B website.

Get Them Off the Expressway at the Perfect Time

The average office worker receives 121 emails every day.

The last thing your buyers want is more newsletters in their inbox that they know they’ll unsubscribe from later or just never open.

People don’t mind handing over their email address, but they need to be in control. Let your content speak for itself and let buyers give you their contact information when they’re comfortable.

Instead of using popups, use widgets and other tools that aren’t intrusive and don’t get in the way of accessing most of the content.

Skip the Toll Roads (Fully Gated Content with Forms)

If you haven’t noticed, forms are not enjoyable experiences on mobile devices – yes, even with Google’s autofill feature.

When you do attempt to ask for an email from your self-nurturing landing page, make sure you’re sticking with the bare necessities. At Hushly, we recommend only asking for an email address and country location – that’s it.

You wouldn’t tell personal info to someone you just met on a dating app, right? Let your buyers get to know you a bit before asking for more information.

Generate More (and Higher Quality) Leads Now

Beyond the strategies above, it’s also important to thoroughly vet your leads. Eliminating forms means that you’ll already deal with less fake email addresses, but human verification is also important to prevent non-business emails from slipping through.

Hushly can help you increase your lead conversions by 51% – guaranteed. See it in action now!

4 B2B Landing Page Best Practices to Convert Mobile Users

B2B landing page best practices

Every B2B company should be utilizing a number of different landing pages.

Despite the fact that they’re arguably one of the simplest marketing assets available, landing pages are also among the most powerful.

However, that’s only true when you understand B2B landing page best practices.

4 B2B Landing Page Best Practices to Implement Right Now

Given how simple they are, it shouldn’t be too surprising that there are only four B2B landing page best practices that you have to understand to turn them into one of your most reliable marketing assets.

1. Start with a Clear and Concise Header

B2B buyers tend to be a lot savvier than their B2C counterparts. If nothing else, this is because B2C buying involves individuals, whereas B2B buying involves teams.

That’s why B2B content sometimes has a reputation for being boring copy. Witticisms and clever expressions don’t work as well when you’re targeting B2B buyers who have so much more on the line.

Of course, that doesn’t mean your writing can’t have a personality. However, it doesmean that the header on your landing page shouldn’t rely on a funny quip or play-on-words to get prospects down the page.

Instead, make yours as benefits-focused as possible. Make it clear in your header what your CTA has to offer in terms of benefits. If you can make it clever, great, but be sure it’s clear.

2. Let a Video Do the Talking

Similarly, B2B buyers have a lot less time to wade through a landing page full of copy. They generally aren’t searching on the weekends or during their personal time. Instead, they’re at the office, up against deadlines, and juggling one-too-many priorities.

If your landing page greets them with big, bulky copy, you’re going to see a gigantic bounce rate.

However, if your landing page is utilized as a simple lead magnet – like a free eBook – keep the copy concise.

If the landing page is for an actual product you sell – even if the page is advertising a free trial – go with a video. Offering the important information this way has increased conversions for some companies by as much as 86%.

3. Leverage Trustmark’s for Proof Your Offer Works

Another way to make the most of the time you have with a B2B prospect is by placing trustmarks above-the-fold of your landing page. Trustmarks are just the logos of companies you’ve successfully helped in the past. They’re called trustmarks because they build immediate trust.

Check out our homepage, for example. Without having to scroll down, you can see that our list of satisfied clients includes well-known names like Intel, Symantec, and Unisys. We know that those trustmarks aren’t enough to win over leads immediately, but it does spark their interest.

“If those companies trust Hushly, it’s worth learning more.”

Always put trustmarks on your landing page. Even if your current list of clients doesn’t include huge, impressive names – yet – they’re still a subtle reminder that your company isn’t new to success. Then, as time goes on and your landing page starts bringing in more and more business, keep updating those trustmarks to show off how great you are.

4. Always Test Different Versions of Your Landing Pages

We’re big fans of A/B testing your marketing funnel.

It’s extremely simple these days to go in and switch out one image for another, or try a new header, or even create a new video in many cases.

Yet, the upside could be a double-digit increase to your conversions.

You should really never stop testing your landing pages, even long after they’ve surpassed your original expectations. Making one simple change could give you a whole new perspective on how your market likes to be engaged and transform your whole approach.

Also, unlike your website or other marketing assets, it’s easy to change a landing page and then update it right back if you’re not seeing better results.

Turning Your B2B Landing Page Best Practices into Immediate Conversions

Once you have the above B2B landing page best practices in place, you’ll enjoy much greater results from this powerful marketing asset.

Still, you can do even better.

At Hushly, we’ve created a platform solely to help B2B companies convert more of the leads who visit their websites.

It’s by no small amount, either. Our platform will increase your conversions by 51% – guaranteed.

Would you like to see for yourself? Contact us today and we’d be more than happy to offer you a free demo to show you why so many B2B companies from across numerous industries rely on us.