What Are the Key Components of a Landing Page?

What Are the Key Components of a Landing Page?

A business should have a dedicated landing page when it wants to achieve a specific marketing objective, such as driving conversions, generating leads, or promoting a new service. Landing pages allow businesses to create a customized and focused experience for their target audience, increasing the chances of achieving their marketing goals. A targeted landing page […]

How to Develop B2B Content Pillars or Themes

How to Develop B2B Content Pillars or Themes

A B2B buyer who is looking for a product similar to what you’re selling needs to do research. They can’t rely just on your marketing promotions for accurate information, and you can be sure that, regardless of how strong your message is, it’s not going to be the last message they see or hear. B2B […]

Marketing Pillars of Efficient Growth at Scale

Marketing Pillars of Efficient Growth at Scale

To create an efficient growth model you need to develop a repeatable, scalable motion. And know your ‘Why’. Why should your buyers care about your company? Why did you create this product and what problems does it solve? Understanding your ‘Why’ will be the catalyst to your entire go-to-market strategy.  Luckily, marketers have started to […]

How to Boost Your B2B Content Engagement

Content engagement is a key indicator of the quality of your content marketing strategy. Keeping track of it is a challenge in and of itself, but what about boosting it? It may not always be obvious what drives social media users to engage with content, how to track it, or why to bother with content […]

How to Measure B2B Content Marketing Success (It’s Complicated)

Content marketing is vital for every business today. While many businesses already understood the value of high-quality content, many are just dipping their toes in the water after COVID-19. Research shows that 45% of B2B marketers are using digital marketing channels – like content – for the first time this year. Content marketing is loaded […]

What’s Changing in B2B Content Marketing?

As redundant as the phrase is, content is still king. Over the past year, we’ve all relied on content in all its forms to keep us occupied, entertained, and even sustain our businesses. Content always mattered in B2B, but today it’s a matter of life and death. 60% of the most successful organizations say they […]

7 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important for B2B Marketing

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The buyer’s journey isn’t what it was even ten years ago. B2B buyers spend increasingly more time researching online and off, self-nurturing, and connecting with potential suppliers on more casual terms. The latest Gartner research shows B2Bs only spend 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers. That 17% covers all suppliers too. In other […]

How to Combine B2B Content Marketing with Paid Traffic

In B2B online marketing, there tends to be two very distinct worlds. As far as traffic to your website is concerned, there is B2B content marketing and paid traffic. While you can use both, many companies strictly rely on one or the other. Those companies that do utilize both options tend to keep them completely […]

3 Simple Ways to Conduct a Content Audit

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In B2B marketers’ never-ending quest to boost their websites’ rankings, attract leads, and earn conversions, a number of different tactics have been discovered. Everything from keyword optimization, link-building, and schema markups have been revealed as powerful techniques for earning Google’s affection. Yet, many B2B marketers shy away from – or don’t even know about – […]

3 B2B Content Marketing Tips to Increase Exposure

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Most marketers know that content is the essential ingredient for bringing visitors to their sites from Google. That’s why B2B content marketing went from almost nonexistent among B2B companies about five years ago to a methodology that none of them would dare be without. However, content can do a lot more than just improve search […]