Most companies rely on SEO to bring their websites lots of qualified traffic.

They’ll even dedicate large sums of their marketing budgets to SEO services. That’s how important it has become to have a successful online funnel.

Unfortunately, you may have learned the hard way that SEO usually isn’t enough. If you’re seeing traffic but aren’t seeing conversions, it’s time to leverage the potential of site retargeting.

The 5 Biggest Advantages of Site Retargeting

Site retargeting has become one of the most powerful marketing methods of the Digital Age.

Fortunately, most companies still don’t know about it, so if you act quickly, you can enjoy a massive competitive advantage.

Here are five reasons it deserves a spot in your marketing budget.

1. Focus Your Ad Spend on Qualified Prospects

When someone visits your website, retargeting software puts a cookie on their browser. It doesn’t impact their ability to surf the web, but it will show them ads for your company when they visit certain sites.

The beauty of this approach is that you’re only spending your ad budget on people who have already shown interest in what your business has to offer their companies.

They’re already qualified – as opposed to much of the organic traffic you may attract – so all you’re doing now is reminding them that your business is a good fit for their needs.

2. Increase the ROI of Your SEO

None of this is to say that SEO is no longer important.

Search Engine Optimization continues to be a very cost-effective method of marketing your company. The right piece of content can stay on the first page of Google for years.

The problem with SEO – which we’ve already touched on – is that traffic doesn’t equal conversions. While good copy can help the cause, most B2B companies won’t close a prospect with just one visit to their websites.

Instead, it usually takes multiple visits.

As we just covered, retargeting works by bringing people back to your site. As a result, it also increases the ROI of that initial visit secured via SEO.

3. Find Out Where Your Market Is Spending Their Time

Imagine if you knew exactly where your market spent the rest of their time online. Is that information you could use to generate more leads?

Of course, it is!

While site-retargeting cookies won’t show you every online footprint for your website’s visitors, it will show you which site displayed the ad they clicked on to return.

Naturally, some sites will perform better than others, showing you where your budget will be better spent going forward.

However, these are also the sites where you should look for guest-posting opportunities to build up your B2B company as an authority in its field.

4. Build Greater Brand Awareness

For most B2B companies, brand awareness is essential. If a prospect already knows about your business, you’re often halfway to making them a client.

The Internet offers a number of methods for increasing your company’s brand awareness, but one of the best ways to do this is with site retargeting.

Again, B2B buying cycles can take months – even longer. So, it will help your chances of closing prospects in a big way if your ads continue showing up again and again over time. Each time they do, your brand enjoys greater awareness.

5. More Engagement

Getting prospects back to your site for a second or third time is all well and good, but it won’t be worth much if they never really engage with your content. Instead, your only reward will just be an increased bounce rate.

The good news is that site retargeting also leads to greater engagement.

In fact, when Search Engine Journal tested site retargeting, they saw their engagement increase by more than 300%!

How to Maximize Your Results from Site Retargeting

Now that you understand the top five advantages of investing in site retargeting, you’re ready to put this approach to work for your company.

However, before you do, consider your email marketing can add to your overall ROI.

Retargeting is great for all the reasons listed above, but bringing people back to your site may not skyrocket your conversions all on its own. For B2B companies with longer buyers’ cycles, you need prospects’ email addresses, so you can continue following up with them.

That’s where Hushly comes in. Our platform will use your content to collect email addresses without taking the typical gated approach. You’ll see greater conversions and engagement without changing anything else.

See for yourself how Hushly provides such powerful results.

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