Have you spent precious time, energy, and money building a B2B content marketing strategy that’s going nowhere?

It’s one of the worst feelings, especially if you notice your competitors aren’t suffering from the same problem.

That’s why you must make every effort to improve your company’s content marketing right away.

3 Best Ways to Fix Your B2B Content Marketing Efforts

The good news is that you don’t actually need “every effort.”

As it turns out, you can see very impressive results by implementing just three helpful tactics.

1. Focus on Engaging Content

There was once a time when your B2B content marketing strategy could consist of little more than finding the right keywords and stuffing them into every single page on your site. For best results, you just published more pages.

Those days are long gone – keyword stuffing won’t cut it anymore.

Instead, you need engaging content to win Google over.

The most important metrics for judging engagement are:

  • Bounce rate
  • Exit percentage
  • Pages per session
  • Time on page

Google Analytics can help with all of these, but there are also some unique ones to your industry. Go through each of your blogs and find the ones that did best regarding those KPIs.

Figure out what they have in common and use that as your guide going forward. You want to create more content from now on and continue using those metrics to judge your results.

2. Stop Thinking About Your Customers So Much

When it comes to content marketing, your customers can only help you so much.

After all, we know that link-building remains important for SEO. One of the easiest ways to get more traffic is to get more backlinks.

Now, ask yourself: will the majority of your customers link to your site?

Probably, not.

For example, if you make CRM software, why would one of your clients link back to your company’s site?

While you still want to make content for them, focus a bit more on content for shoulder markets and other websites that could pick it up and link to it. Look for guest posting opportunities, too.

3. Two Words: Case Study

Buyers want to know that your product or service is actually going to do what they need.

You can help prove this with photos, videos, sharp sales copy, and testimonials.

However, nothing works quite as well as a case study.

These incredible pieces of content don’t just go into great detail about how your company can help. They tell stories your prospects can see themselves in, increasing their anticipation for the same type of experience.

Want More Conversions from Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy?

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