If you handle marketing for a B2B company, you probably already know all about the power of email.

Despite the many other options that exist, email marketing still remains one of the most powerful for nurturing leads and converting them into clients.

While there are a number of elements that go into a successful email marketing campaign, one that you can’t overlook is the initial opt in.

If you don’t optimize this first step, those that follow will suffer.

In fact, for best results, it’s actually far better to choose a double opt-in over the traditional version.

What Is a Double Opt-In?

A single opt-in is when someone simply provides their email information once and are then immediately signed up to receive messages. They literally don’t have to do anything else after that. Once they provide their information, the emails can start.

A double opt-in is when the person must provide their email information and then confirm their intentions, as well. So, after providing their information, they will immediately receive an email that asks them to click a link that confirms that they really do want to keep receiving more in the future.

If the link in the confirmation email is never clicked, the other emails never arrive.

Why Opt for a Double Opt-In?

On paper, it might seem like sending the confirmation email isn’t strategically sound. After all, don’t you want to build your list? Isn’t this putting an unnecessary hurdle in front of that goal?

Utilizing a single opt-in is definitely the superior option for building what looks like an impressive subscriber list.

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving.

Having a gigantic list is of little use if a large percentage of your subscribers aren’t actually looking forward to your emails.

By adding one more step, you’re ensuring that your subscriber definitely wants to be on your list. For marketing purposes, this is essential, because it also means they are truly a potential customer.

Furthermore, 43% of consumers report that they junk emails either “often” or “very frequently” instead of scrolling down and going through the “unsubscribe” process. This is important because if your messages are treated like spam by too many people, your email deliverability will suffer. In turn, your email marketing campaigns will have very little potential.

Of course, a lot of times, people want your lead magnet, but they don’t want to give you their contact information. If you’re using a single opt-in approach, they can make up an email address and gain access to the content they wanted.

Unfortunately, after it’s too late, you’ll find out the email is false. Once again, you may also suffer from deliverability problems because those fake email addresses are going to bounce your messages.

Always Act on the Right Information

At Hushly, we put a lot of thought into developing a platform that would be able to deliver actionable information to our clients.

This is why we take a double opt-in approach and verify the business email provided.

By doing so, our clients have accurate information they can use to achieve their goals – not questionable data that leads to questionable results.

If you’d like to see how Hushly can offer you the same advantages, contact us today.  We have GDPR compliant solutions and the ability to clean your data through enrichment and list cleansing.

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