Does your B2B company utilize paid media to attract leads?

If so, what kinds of ROI are you seeing?

Are you reaching 2x, 10x or struggling to just break even?

No matter what kinds of returns you’re currently seeing, how would you like to enjoy a 35x ROI on your paid media campaigns going forward?

Sound too good to be true?

The Challenge of Using Paid Media to Market Your B2B Business

On paper, paid media should be one of the most reliable methods B2B companies can use to attract leads.

For one thing, you can see results immediately, unlike content marketing, which can take months before producing a single lead (to say nothing about the costs involved). Often times, content can even take years to bear any fruit.

That said, if you have experience with paid marketing, you probably already know that there’s a huge difference between attracting a prospect with an ad and actually turning them into a lead.

As just one example, Google AdWords’ average conversion rate is only about 3.04% – despite the fact that it’s the most popular PPC platform and about as user-friendly as it gets.

Therefore, on the one hand, you shouldn’t feel too bad if your B2B company’s ad spend isn’t producing the most impressive ROI.

Of course, on the other, that’s no reason to keep spending your money on a strategy that isn’t returning the results your company needs.

How Hushly Was Able to Produce an Incredible 35x ROI from Paid Media

When we set out to create a platform that would allow B2B companies to increase lead conversions from website abandoners, we knew it would have to effectively address every factor that plays a role in creating conversions.

These include:

  • Pageviews
  • Form Submissions
  • Content Views
  • Interactions
  • Lead Quality (no Mickey Mouse leads)
  • Email Verification
  • Overall Conversions
  • New Contact vs. Existing Contact

As we cover in detail in our case study with FinancialForce, simply earning clicks isn’t enough to justify the spend on your ads. It’s also not enough to produce content with which your prospects will engage.

In fact, as many of you have probably had to learn the hard way, even completed forms aren’t necessarily of any use if you aren’t able to verify the validity of the information provided.

Prior to working with us, FinancialForce suffered from all these common B2B marketing problems. As a result, even when they did see conversions, their cost-of-acquisitions were simply too high. Knowing they couldn’t continue for long, they tried another solution, but quickly realized it wouldn’t suffice.

Fortunately, that’s when they came to Hushly. Within 7 months, their paid ad campaigns did a complete 180 and produced a huge ROI of 35x!

Want to See the Numbers?

If it’s still hard to believe that one platform can produce those kinds of returns in such a short period of time, and without the B2B company having to change anything else, we completely understand.

That’s why we worked with FinancialForce to create this case study that provides all the details.

Download your copy today for free and see what’s possible when you have the power of Hushly on your side.

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