For most B2B companies, improving their lead generation marketing would have a massive impact on the rest of their operation.

After all, once you consistently attract qualified leads, all you need to do is focus on converting them and the profits follow.

3 Ways to Improve Your Lead Generation Marketing

If your marketing efforts are generating the leads you need, it’s time to look at the process you have in place. You probably need to implement the following three tips to get things back on track.

1. Get Marketing and Sales on the Same Page

This is probably the most overlooked method of improving your lead generation marketing despite how absolutely essential it is.

Before you do anything else, get your sales and marketing teams together and work out a definition of a “qualified lead” on which they can both agree.

Until you do that, your lead generation marketing will always suffer. Marketers will keep targeting one type of lead while your salespeople keep hoping they’ll receive another.

2. Understand That Not All Leads Are Worth the Same

When your B2B company’s lead generation marketing strategy starts paying off, it’s easy to get excited about each and every lead.

At some point, though, it becomes important to realize that some leads are simply worth more than others. Without this distinction, you’ll end up spending the same amount of money on a lead who will only bring you $1,000 as you do on one that will bring you $100,000.

Of course, the one that wants to spend $100,000 with you may also require a bit more work than the one that wants to spend just 1% of that. If you don’t realize that, you risk losing them.

Leading scoring keeps this from happening. Look for the key traits that define those leads that convert and then those that convert, broken down by how much they eventually spend. This will show you how much to spend on marketing to each group.

3. Nurture Leads Before Trying to Convert Them

Lead generation marketing should involve nurturing each lead before trying to convert them.

This is especially important for B2B companies, as their customer’s buyer journey tends to take much longer than those of B2C.

Therefore, most of them aren’t ready to buy right away. They’re going to return to your content again and again before finally pulling the trigger.

In order to get them to do so, you need to utilize targeted content – creating pieces based on your various buyer personas, instead of general copy for your entire market.

Turning Your Leads into Customers

Of course, the true test of how well you’re generating leads is how well you’re then able to turn them into customers. Without high conversions, no marketing strategy can be considered a success.

At Hushly, we help companies with this essential element.

When a lead visits your site because of the targeted content you’ve created, we make it possible to capture their essential details without using a gate.

Contact us today and we’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

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