Does your B2B company have a content marketing strategy in place?

If so, is it pulling its own weight?

Do you have engaging content that actually grabs your prospects’ attention and helps convert them into leads?

Or, like so many B2B companies, does your content struggle to engage prospects?

Does it do little more than just take up room on your site?

Fortunately, other B2B companies have succeeded at content marketing and left behind proof of how to do the same.

3 Ways to Create More Engaging Content for B2B Prospects

It definitely takes some practice to develop the ability to write engaging content.

Still, there are also some things you can do right away to start creating the kind of content that grabs attention and turns it into an impressive ROI.

1. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Probably the easiest way to create engaging content is to simply look at what’s working for everyone else.

For example, you could use a tool like BuzzSumo to see what kinds of content are trending for your industry.

You can also keep tabs on your competitors, industry sites, and noncompetitor third-party sites that cover your field. What content gets the most shares and/or comments?

Those are the topics you want to cover.

But pay attention to the formatting, writing style, and any graphics or images they use, too. All of these things contribute to more engaging content.

2. Use Social Media to “Audition” Your Ideas

That’s not to say you shouldn’t come up with ideas of your own, of course.

Fortunately, social media can help with this, as well, especially LinkedIn and Twitter.

Unlike Facebook, both of these platforms are still great for organic outreach. You could use the following advice on Facebook, but you’d most likely need to boost your post to see results unless you already have a massive following.

In any case, on LinkedIn and Twitter, you can “audition” ideas you have for content before actually going to the trouble of creating and publishing it.

No more hoping for the best.

Instead, post noncompetitor articles about certain topics or, if none exist, simply volunteer your opinion to the world and see what kind of feedback you get.

For best results, post the idea multiple times – making each one different – throughout the day.

If you don’t get much of a response, there probably isn’t a lot of promise in that topic. The posts were still worth it, though, as you saved yourself valuable time.

Of course, if you do see a lot of engagement, you have yourself a winning topic.

Better still, you might even be able to use some of the responses in your post. That’s great for showing your company’s social proof, and you can then go back to those users to let them know you’ve featured their feedback in your article. They might decide to share your work as a result.

3. Tell a Story with Case Studies

Case studies are already extremely engaging content because they provide solid proof of what your company claims it can do for other businesses. What prospect wouldn’t prefer some evidence before making a major purchase?

So, if all you do is begin introducing case studies into your content strategy, you can expect better results.

Don’t stop there, though.

To make them as engaging as possible, make your case studies read like stories. Get into the details of your clients’ problems and what was at stake before they came to you. Use lots of descriptive quotes from the client, too, and, ideally, explain how they felt about what was at risk.

Were they worried about the future of their company? Did they stand to lose a client of their own? Was their reputation on the line?

The more your case study sounds like a good piece of fiction – even though it definitely isn’t – the more your prospects will actually want to read it.

How to Get the Most from That Engaging Content

You now know three different ways to create more engaging content for your B2B company’s website.

Now, how would you like to improve the ROI of that content almost immediately?

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