Your B2B company’s conversion rate is arguably one of the most important metrics you need to monitor.

After all, the more you convert, the more customers you’ll have – which means greater profits.

Unfortunately, many companies only focus on their conversion rates.

As a result, it never moves. Worse, it often drops, month-after-month, despite everything the company is doing to turn things around.

However, if you don’t focus on improving the quality of the leads you attract, you’ll have a very hard time improving your conversions.

3 Ways to Improve Lead Quality and Your Conversion Rate

Ideally, you’d want to attract leads who were ready to become customers right away.

While that’s usually not possible in B2B marketing, there’s a lot you can do to attract high-quality leads who will make the rest of the conversion process a breeze.

1. Use Buyer Personas That Include How They Like to Consume Information

Everyone knows buyer personas are essential for creating successful funnels. The reason these personas often fall short, though, is because most marketers don’t ask the right questions when creating them.

Here are a few of the most important yet overlooked:

  • How do you learn about information pertinent to your role?
  • Which blogs and publications do you read?
  • Which social networks and associations do you participate in?
  • How do you like to interact with vendors?
  • How do you research vendors and/or products?

The answers to these questions will tell you what kind of content to produce. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that what’s working for another company – even a competitor – is what your market really wants. Otherwise, the leads you attract will always leave a lot to be desired.

2. Build the Right Content for Every Step of the Funnel

A successful marketing funnel is one that should bring you those high-quality leads you want so much.

For the vast majority of B2B companies, this is only possible with equally high-quality content.

That said, fantastic content isn’t enough.

You also need to understand what each level of your funnel requires from your content.

A lot of marketers only ever look at SEO when trying to decide what topics to cover. This can be great for filling the top of their funnels, but they never see the leads they want.

As leads go through your funnel, the content they need is going to be more and more specific. You can’t keep covering general topics or your leads will never be anywhere near converting.

3. Reverse-Engineer Your Best Leads

Finally, never treat a high-quality lead as a fluke.

Something – maybe many things – helped generate them and put them in a place where they were ready to be converted.

Start defining what that might be and then use A/B testing to close in on the final answer.

Gain More Leads to Increase Your Conversion Rate

At Hushly, we’ve made it our mission to help companies see higher conversions by arming them with the information they need about their leads.

If you’re not happy with your business’ current conversion rate, contact us today and we’ll show you exactly how our platform will change that.


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