Domino effect machines have recently gained popularity on social media. These are machines where a single action triggers a line of events like pushing buttons, spinning wheels, and starting remote-controlled cars. These chains of events all lead to a grand finale, like revealing a birthday message or placing a bowl of ice cream on the table.

Your workplace can run just as smoothly. Each event triggers follow-up events, creating a consistent journey that flows with minimal intervention until the grand finale: a conversion.

Here’s how Hushly can help your technology company build B2B technology marketing workflows.

How Workflows Benefit B2B Technology Marketing

How does B2B marketing differ from regular marketing? The biggest difference is the amount of personalization required. Most businesses require a greater time and effort investment before they convert. Workflow automation streamlines that personalization so you can reach more B2B clients. But even though workflow automation is advancing, only 4% of companies have a fully automated workflow.

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Workflow automation can boost your B2B technology company’s marketing processes tremendously. On average, companies saved $46,000 after investing in workflow automation tools.

Here are the primary benefits of marketing workflows for B2B technology companies:

  • Consistency: Workflows are set processes that ensure you complete tasks the same way every time. They incorporate best practices that help maintain brand identity and messaging across all your marketing channels.
  • Efficiency: The average company spends four or more hours weekly on repetitive and administrative tasks. Automation can perform most of those tasks for your marketers, freeing up a whole day to spend on other tasks.
  • Collaboration: Workflows improve collaboration as everyone is on the same page. The workflows dictate what occurs when and where each team contributes, helping everyone work together to achieve common goals.
  • Scalability: As B2B technology companies grow, their marketing needs also expand. You can quickly scale your workflows to accommodate increased workloads so your marketing process remains consistent, supporting continued growth.
  • Accountability: Workflows establish accountability by assigning specific responsibilities to team members. This helps in tracking progress and identifying areas that may need improvement.

5 Ways Hushly’s Automation Supports B2B Technology Marketing Workflows

Are you ready to build a marketing automation workflow for your B2B technology business? Hushly can help.

Here are five ways our tools improve your marketing workflows:

1. Automated Lead Generation and Qualification

A common challenge in B2B technology marketing is lead generation. You can create a workflow that automates content gating and lead generation using Hushly to address this.

Hushly’s content gating feature allows you to collect valuable lead information without compromising the user experience. When visitors interact with your gated content, Hushly captures their data, such as name, email, and company details.

Our software automatically qualifies leads based on details like behavior and contact information. That way, it only adds the highest quality B2B leads to your customer relationship management (CRM).

This automation ensures you consistently generate relevant B2B leads from your content.

Use these steps to establish a lead generation and qualification workflow:

  1. Create high-value gated content.
  2. Use Hushly’s smart forms to collect and qualify leads automatically.
  3. Establish personalized follow-up email campaigns to nurture those new leads.
  4. Set lead scoring and B2B segmentation rules to automatically sort new leads into groups to customize your marketing further.
  5. Integrate Hushly with your other marketing platforms to create a seamless workflow that works alongside your other tools.

2. Personalized B2B Lead Journeys

Hushly creates personalized content experiences for your B2B service website visitors. We tailor content recommendations based on user behavior and interests.

For example, visitors looking for financial technology solutions will receive different recommendations than those from a legal firm looking for legal technology solutions.

In addition, each decision maker within your tech clients’ company can receive personalized recommendations based on their priorities.

This personalization can be integrated into your workflow to nurture and convert leads effectively.

Use these steps to build personalized B2B lead journeys:

  1. Use Hushly’s AI personalization on your emails, websites, and landing pages that update real-time content recommendations for each visitor.
  2. Track user engagement based on what personalized content recommendations users interact with.
  3. Automatically segment those leads based on the content they consume.
  4. Begin an automated personalized email marketing campaign focused on the content they are most interested in.

3. Real-Time Lead Updates

Lead enrichment lets you update contacts as you receive more information about them so you can understand them better. Better lead understanding improves your outreach.

Hushly’s lead enrichment feature automatically adds relevant information to your lead profiles. This includes job titles, company size, industry, and more.

Integrating this data into your tech marketing workflows enables you to segment leads more effectively, personalize outreach, and target specific B2B client groups.

Use these steps to build a lead enrichment workflow that automatically keeps your leads updated while reducing errors from manual lead updates:

  1. Establish a lead capture workflow, such as landing pages, forms, subscriptions, and gated content.
  2. Integrate Hushly to update those B2B lead profiles as the software browses automatically and collects missing data.
  3. Integrate Hushly into your CRM platform to share enriched lead information automatically.
  4. Automate lead scoring, which adjusts lead scores based on the new information Hushly gathers.

4. Lead Scoring Options

Hushly can automate lead scoring based on visitor behavior and demographics. Lead scoring prioritizes leads based on behaviors and actions, so you know who they are and where they are in the sales process.

You use this information to prioritize your B2B leads close to conversion. Then, you can tailor your outreach efforts to the most likely to purchase.

Lead scoring is crucial in marketing automation because it automatically sorts leads. This way, as leads perform actions like opening your marketing emails and downloading content, they increase their score.

When they stop opening your marketing emails, their score goes down. Once those scores hit your preset benchmarks, marketing workflows begin, such as your software sending the lead to your sales team or starting a mid-funnel email marketing campaign. This ensures a timely follow-up.

Here is how you build a lead-scoring workflow:

  1. Automate data collection using Hushly’s integrations that collect behavior and contact data.
  2. Input information automatically into your lead scoring tool, where the software ranks leads based on that information.
  3. Automate lead transfer when their scores hit preset benchmarks.
  4. Establish email workflows that respond to those leads who reach those benchmarks.

5. Automated Data Analytics and Reporting

Hushly offers detailed data analytics and reporting features. These features allow you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns and adjust your strategies as needed.

You can integrate these insights into your workflow to drive data-driven decision-making. For instance, you can set rules so your workflow automation adjusts based on growth benchmarks and other data signals.

  1. Automatically collect data on your B2B leads and their behaviors.
  2. Analyze data and send notifications and reports based on results.
  3. Automatically adjust workflows based on the data results.

Improve Your B2B Technology Marketing Workflows

Hushly’s automation features offer powerful tools for creating, optimizing, and executing B2B technology marketing workflows. It seamlessly integrates into your marketing agencies’ other tools, allowing you to create workflows across all your marketing campaigns and processes.

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