Is success with search engine marketing eluding you?

Are you considering all kinds of expensive – maybe even desperate – strategies to attract the prospects you need?

Before you do anything drastic, be sure you understand the most important Search Engine Marketing (SEM) principles proven to work for B2B companies.

3 Principles You Need to Implement for Better Search Engine Marketing Results

Everyone wants a reliable stream of traffic for their website.

The reason more B2B companies don’t see these results is because they ignore the basics. Specifically, they haven’t embraced the following three search engine marketing principles.

1. SEM Is a Long Game

If SEM was easy, every B2B company would be amazing at it.

Even then, with only so many spots available on Google’s first page, certain companies would find new ways to overcome their competitors.

Whatever those tactics might be, the one thing they would all have in common is they’d involve a long-term perspective.

That’s because, unless you are in an extremely uncompetitive market, search traffic takes time.

At the very least, you shouldn’t expect to see results for three months after initiating a new strategy, but it could take significantly longer.

The key is to remain persistent during what Rand Fishkin at Moz has coined the “SEO Slog,” the period when patience begins fading and disappointment sets in.

2. Traffic Doesn’t Equal Sales

You’ll never forget the first time you see that your search engine marketing efforts are actually attracting visitors.

Unfortunately, for many marketers, it’s a day they’d actually love to forget. That’s because they committed the cardinal SEM sin of thinking that traffic necessarily leads to conversions.

By itself, traffic is useless. Who cares how many people come to your site if none of them become customers.

This is why extremely broad keywords like “accounting” or “CRM” are rarely worth targeting.

If you actually landed at the top of Google for them, you’d see millions of unique visitors every year, but most of them would probably have no interest in buying from you.

Stay focused on keywords and topics that speak directly to your prospects. Better still, give each page a title that reflects buyer intention, so you’re not getting any unwanted clicks.

3. There Are No Shortcuts

Finally, it’s worth reiterating how long it takes to see results because it can be extremely tempting to try a shortcut that promises fast results. There is also no short of options when it comes to SEM – with more on the way.

Everyone knows keyword stuffing is a mistake, but plenty of people still think it’s worthwhile to buy backlinks.

There will always be another “quick fix” for gaining lots of traffic. Ignore them. Stick to providing your market with the information they want and you’ll have a winning strategy for life.

Make the Most of These Search Engine Marketing Principles

Putting these SEM principles into play will result in more traffic. However, at the end of the day, what’s the point of all that traffic?

If you’re hoping to turn it into conversions that will improve your bottom line, let Hushly help.

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