While we all know that marketing automation that helps automate the process of lead conversion by converting leads into sales can be a significant time-saver, plenty of businesses are still unsure of how to get started. Luckily, several automated lead conversion tools can help you get started and even take your lead conversion to the next level.

The Lead Conversion Process

The b2b lead conversion process is a series of steps your marketing and sales team takes to turn a lead into a revenue-generating opportunity.


In today’s business age, the process begins by identifying qualified leads. This can be accomplished through several different marketing channels, such as content marketing, SEO, social media, etc.

Once a lead has been identified and is ready for outreach, the next step is to capture their information and turn them into a contact in your lead management system. This will allow you to segment your leads based on interest, stage, and other data, which will help you identify the best opportunities for follow-up and further engagement.

Your sales team can use the contact information to initiate the next step in the lead conversion process. Depending on your specific strategy, this can involve calling or messaging the lead to set up a time to discuss their needs, or it can be as simple as sending them a quick note to remind them about an upcoming webinar or conference. In some situations, it may be necessary to reach out to the lead to provide additional information or schedule a call or in-person meeting.

Finally, the sales team can use their sales automation platform to automate the process of closing the deal. This can involve creating a series of customized emails or automated phone calls triggered by various conditions, such as when the buyer is ready to talk, has expressed an interest in learning more, or has requested more information.

What Exactly is Automated Lead Conversion?

Since the lead conversion process is composed of so many steps, is there really such a thing as an automated lead conversion process?

In a sense, the answer is yes. Automated lead conversion is a broad term that refers to the process of using technology to help your team convert leads into paying customers. This can involve using automation tools such as sales automation, marketing automation, and even CRM software to help keep your team on track, provide them with the correct information to close deals, and capture opportunities that would otherwise have been missed.

Automated lead conversion is a great way to increase the productivity of your entire team while reducing the amount of time spent on the low-value work, such as prospect research and extra follow-up, that can distract sales and marketing teams from their primary duty of closing deals.

3 Tools to Consider for an Automated Lead Conversion Process

The lead conversion process is composed of many steps and is often considered one of the most important in the entire sales process. That’s why so many teams invest in automation tools to help them improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their whole lead conversion process.

If you’re curious about the necessary tools needed to create an effective automated lead conversion process, then you’ll want to consider the following:

A Tool for Marketing Automation

One of the first tools you’ll want to consider including in your automated lead conversion process is a marketing automation tool. These are tools designed specifically to automate the process of sending emails, creating social media posts, and managing other forms of digital marketing to help you reach as many qualified leads as possible.

The best marketing automation tools will allow you to set up various automated campaigns designed to be triggered based on specific criteria.

For example, you can use a marketing automation tool to create a series of automated emails that are sent out automatically when a series of predetermined events occur, such as when a new lead is added to your database or when they have expressed an interest in your products.

These tools allow you to take the hands-off approach and let the software do the work for you, enabling you to focus on the more strategic aspects of your business.

A Tool for Sales Automation

The second tool you’ll want to consider is a sales automation tool. Sales automation tools are designed to automate the process of following up with leads to help your team close more deals. This can include using tools that allow you to create automated phone calls, emails, and other triggered communications based on specific criteria.              

For example, you can use a sales automation tool to automatically send out emails to leads when they have expressed an interest in your products, which allows you to respond to their initial inquiry without needing to follow up manually. This saves you time and helps you determine whether they’re a good fit for your business before investing the time in a more in-depth discussion.

A Tool for Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) tests different marketing strategies and develops an optimized system that drives the highest possible number of sales. This can be done using tools that allow you to experiment with varying designs of the website, the call-to-action text, and other elements of your digital marketing strategy to determine what works best.         

They also allow you to track and analyze the results of your marketing efforts over time to help you identify which aspects of your marketing strategy are generating the most qualified leads. This can then be used to optimize future campaigns so that you’re able to increase the number of qualified leads that become buyers.

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How These Tools Work Together for an Automated Lead Conversion Process

When you combine all three of these tools into a single automated lead conversion package, you’ll be able to fully automate the entire process of turning leads into buyers, and scale your business to generate more sales without needing to invest a great deal of time and energy.

This allows you to spend more time focusing on the more strategic aspects of your business, which can profoundly impact your long-term success.

Make the Most of Your Demand Capture with Hushly

Hushly is a marketing automation tool that allows you to automate reaching out to potential new customers to engage with your brand and generate more sales. One of the benefits of working with Hushly is that it integrates with a variety of other tools, including demand generation tools like lead generation pages and autoresponders so that you can fully automate the entire lead conversion process.

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