As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent, it’s essential to understand its implications for how we work and market our businesses. While it is used in dozens of different applications, such as content creation and the automation of daily tasks, AI marketing is being used by B2B teams to improve their websites and the experiences that their customers have.

By understanding the ways in which AI can be used to improve the customer experience, your business can start to reap the benefits of this emerging marketing trend.

What is AI Marketing?

Marketing is a complex process that requires the consideration of a wide range of factors when determining how best to reach and interact with your target audience.

While this has traditionally been done through a combination of human input and data analysis, the increasing prevalence of Artificial Intelligence has allowed marketers to begin utilizing machine learning to improve the efficiency of their efforts.

What Role Does Machine Learning Play in AI Marketing?

In essence, AI marketing is the utilization of machine learning (ML) to determine the most effective course of action for reaching your target audience. This is done through the analysis of large amounts of data, which is then processed by an algorithm to determine the best course of action for future marketing efforts.

ML and AI marketing can be used to improve the effectiveness of several different marketing channels, such as email marketing, social media, and website optimization.

By analyzing large amounts of data, such as visitors’ behavior on your website and the content they engage with, an algorithm can determine the most effective course of action for future marketing efforts.

5 Ways to Put AI Marketing to Work on Your Website

AI marketing is a must for any B2B business. Not only does it help you build a strong, compelling brand, but it also helps you attract and engage with your target audience. But how exactly does it work on a website? Here are five ways you can put AI marketing to work on your website:

1. Real-Time Personalization

Personalization is one of the most effective ways to create a sense of intimacy with your target audience. However, the complexity of creating and implementing personalization on a website can be overwhelming.

By utilizing AI marketing, you can achieve real-time personalization on your website. This means that their previous browsing behavior determines the content that is displayed to your audience. This provides a level of interactivity and relevancy that is impossible to achieve through traditional forms of marketing. 

2. Interactive Chatbots

For some businesses, the best way to provide an experience that is superior to that of their competitors is through chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs that simulate human conversation. By using AI marketing, you can build a chatbot that provides your customers with the assistance they require without requiring them to interact with a live person.


Chatbots can be designed to provide simple, FAQ-style answers to common questions, or they can be programmed to simulate a human conversation and respond to queries and inquiries accordingly. The key is to develop a chatbot that provides a superior experience that keeps them on your website.

3. Content Curation

While many brands focus on creating and sharing unique content with their audience, it’s important to remember that sharing relevant curated content is an effective way to build a relationship with your audience.

Ideally, you should balance the amount of unique content you share with your audience with the amount of curated content you publish. The former demonstrates that you are willing to create and share unique content, while the latter indicates that you are eager to provide value to your audience.       

You can then implement AI marketing onto your website using adaptive content hubs designed to put only the most relevant content (both original and curated) in front of your audience.

Source: Hushly

These content hubs will be programmed to provide your audience with only the most relevant content to their interests and to provide them with an experience tailored to their browsing history and preferences.

4. Improved Accessibility

The accessibility of your website plays a massive role in the success of your business. With AI marketing, you can build a website that is optimized for search engines and your audience’s viewing experience and is also optimized for the consumption of those with disabilities. This can range from the simple implementation of text-to-speech technology to the more complex creation of screen readers.                

By utilizing AI marketing, you can build a website that is optimized so that your audience can find the information they require in the easiest and most streamlined way possible.

5. Data Collection

Collecting data on your website is an important step in the development of your digital marketing strategy. However, the complexity of collecting data on a website can be overwhelming.

By utilizing AI marketing, you can build a website that is programmed to collect data on your audience as they browse. This allows you to build a profile of your audience that is based on their browsing behavior, which enables you to identify which content is generating the most interaction and which forms of marketing are providing the greatest return.

You can use this data to further optimize your website for the needs of your audience, which in turn provides you with even greater insights into who your audience is, and what their needs are and will help you continue to improve your digital marketing strategy moving forward.

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