B2B marketing has seen a lot of changes over the years, but one that is sure to stick around is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in B2B marketing.

Despite all its advances, AI is still in its infancy. As it continues to grow, it is becoming more sophisticated, and its uses are expanding beyond our wildest dreams. What B2B marketing teams used to do manually can now be done by AI. Research shows that, on average, companies have approximately 35 AI projects in place.

Source: Gartner

With all this in mind, B2B marketers must be aware of the ways AI can help them with their marketing efforts.

AI in B2B Marketing: What Does that Encompass?

Even though nearly 95% of C-suite executives and IT decision-makers believe that AI would be beneficial to their company and its everyday operations, only approximately 6% of them actually have adopted AI in their company.

B2B marketing has traditionally used AI in a limited capacity. However, over the past few years, AI has become a growing tool that can automate certain processes, such as email marketing and social media management, and provide deep, context-rich insights for better decision-making.

It also allows for more effective lead generation, better lead nurturing, and more effective customer engagement. It also allows for better data analysis and can help you better understand your market and your competition. However, as AI continues to evolve, its uses are expanding, and B2B marketing teams need to be ready to think outside the box and embrace the new possibilities.

5 Methods for Using AI in B2B Marketing You May Not Have Considered

There are many moving parts when it comes to using AI in B2B marketing. Marketers already have a lot to think about and adding AI to the mix might seem like an overwhelming task.

If you’ve been considering using AI in your B2B marketing, then you’ll want to consider these five methods that you may not have initially considered:

1. AI for Creating Account Personas

Using AI tools to generate high-quality B2B buyer personas can be a game-changer for your marketing efforts.

AI can help you create more representative and diverse B2B buyer personas, which will allow you to better connect with your target audience and generate more sales. It can also help you identify your most profitable customers so that you can continue to focus your efforts on them.  

Most AI tools allow you to generate B2B buyer personas by answering questions about your ideal customer. You can also use AI to analyze the data you already have about your customers to help you identify the characteristics of your most profitable customers.

Source: Business2Community

When you create a high-quality B2B buyer persona, you can use it to create more effective marketing campaigns, account-based experiences, and personalized content that will resonate with your target audience.

2. AI in Social Media Marketing

AI is being used in a variety of ways in social media marketing. You can use AI to monitor social media channels, identify trending topics, and provide insights on what content resonates with your audience.

You can also use AI to automatically generate social media content such as text, images, and videos. This can be a great way to ensure your social media efforts are as productive as possible.

3. AI in Influencer Marketing

There are some AI tools and software out there that can help pair you with the right influencers so that you can build a strong relationship and generate more sales. They do this by analyzing your social media profiles, what you’ve posted, etc., and then use this information to match you with the right influencers. This can be a great way to get your brand in front of a larger audience and expand your overall reach.

4. AI in Advertising

AI is also being used in B2B marketing to help maximize your ad efforts. You can use AI to analyze your audience, your competition, and your market to help develop strategies that are more likely to generate results.

Essentially, you can use your AI tools will analyze all the data for you. It will then pull the most critical pieces of information (such as common trends and behaviors) and use them to help you develop a more targeted ad campaign that will reach the right people at the right time.

5. AI for Analyzing Performance

As your company’s B2B marketing strategy continues to evolve, you’ll want to consider using AI in various ways to help you better understand your performance. AI can be a great way to analyze the performance of different marketing channels and campaigns, allowing you to identify the channels generating the most leads.

It can also be a great way to analyze the performance of different keywords and content, allowing you to identify the channels generating the most sales. Using AI in this way will allow you to better analyze your overall performance, which will help you identify the channels and campaigns that are generating the most value for your business.

Incorporate AI Solutions into Your Marketing with Hushly

Using AI in your B2B marketing is an exciting opportunity. It can help you create more effective campaigns, provide personalized experiences, and increase your overall ROI.

That’s why we provide a wide range of AI solutions for B2B marketers. We believe that with the right data and the right technology, marketers can use AI to create campaigns that are more effective and more personalized for their customers.

Whether you’re looking to create more effective marketing campaigns or looking to build stronger relationships with your clients, Hushly can help.

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