No marketer sets out to create anything but engaging content.

That’s the entire point, right?

Yet, if you’re like most marketers, the vast majority of what you’re publishing isn’t producing a positive ROI.

4 Types of Engaging Content You Need to Start Publishing Now

Don’t give up!

Instead, become one of the few marketers who understands what it takes to create content that engages leads, builds your authority, and creates conversions.

1. Case Studies Need to Become Your #1 Priority

Most B2B marketers understand that case studies are powerful forms of content. However, if most B2B marketers understood justhow powerful they were, they would take precedence over all othermarketing efforts.

Buyers rank case studies as the top form of content they consider when making a purchasing decision. That number is growing, too, from 72% in 2016 to 78% in 2017.

So if you want engaging content and you’re not already producing case studies, it’s time to change that.

2. Do Not Forget About Visual Content

Another giant underdog when it comes to engaging content is visuals.

Here are just a few compelling statistics about visual content:

  • The brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than it does text
  • 40% of people have better responses to visuals than just plain text
  • Companies that publish infographics enjoy 12% more traffic on average

If you need to slow down your publishing schedule to make room in your budget for visuals, that should be an easy decision to make.

3. Leverage Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has taken over in 2018.

The obvious reason is that it involves leveraging someone else’s established following. After all, they’re an influencer.

It also goes without saying that this provides you with a pretty impressive amount of social proof. If a respected authority in your industry is collaborating with you, clearly your company must have something special to offer.

Just remember that influencer marketing can mean more than just placing ads on a social media account. In the B2B world, it can also entail creating collaborative blog posts, guest-posting on their site, interviewing influencers, and much more.

If prospects are already interested in an influencer, any content with their name on it is going to become immediately engaging.

4. Provide Lots and Lots of Data

As with case studies, one of the most underutilized tools for engaging prospects is data – lots of data.

76% of buyers report that more data would improve the quality of the content they receive from B2B companies.

Of course, a central tenet of content marketing is educating leads. As it turns out, one of the most helpful ways you can do this is by simply giving them raw numbers.

How to Optimize Your Engaging Content

You now know how to make content that is more engaging.

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