Without a doubt, every company’s annual budget needs room for improving their website conversion optimization.

No matter how well your company may already be converting, ongoing improvements are essential for keeping competitors at bay and ensuring your business is always looking forward to another banner year.

3 Ways Website Conversion Optimization Will Change in 2019

Among other things, that means your company’s approach to website conversion optimization must continue to evolve. Otherwise, you risk a rude awakening when your sales begin dropping all of a sudden.

Will you be able to turn things around in time to save them?

Instead of risking it, here are three of the most important ways you can continue to improve your conversion rates in 2019.

1. Sites Without Personalization Will Become Irrelevant

At this point, just about everyone knows that personalization is important.

What prospect wouldn’t prefer a customized experience that caters an entire site to their unique needs?

Most marketers would even agree that personalization has become a far more approachable option than ever before, too. There are dozens of platforms for personalizing your site with seemingly more arriving every day.

Still, for whatever reason, many marketers still have put off implementing personalization on their sites.

This will be a website death sentence in 2019.

Companies that become known for static content will not only see their clickthrough rates drop but will find website conversion optimization nearly impossible as a result.

In short, not having a personalized site in 2019 will be like not having a mobile-friendly site in 2018.

2. Building Authority Will Become Central to CRO

Most advice about website conversion optimization focuses primarily on the onsite experience. SEO and other lead-generation tactics can certainly help, but the smart money has always – largely – been on improving your website to increase conversions.

That advice is still sound.

Nothing about 2019 will change that.

However, it is becoming progressively more important to establish yourself as an authority in order to prime prospects into seeing you – and, by extension, your company – as a trustworthy, reliable solver of problems.

Simply put, people are more likely to buy from authorities.

Whether it’s on YouTube, through social media platforms, or a combination of the two, now is the time to start proving to your market that you know what you’re talking about. By doing so, you’re also indirectly positioning your competitors as the opposite. After all, if they knew as much as you do, why aren’t they saying anything?

As your competitors catch up to your on-page conversion tactics, building your authority is an advantage you can’t afford to be without in 2019.

3. Email Marketing Will Be More Important Than Ever

Email marketing consistently boasts the highest ROI of any channel, so it might not come as much of a surprise that it will continue to remain popular in 2019.

And that’s certainly true. There’s no reason to think that social media marketing, PPC, or some other option will take email marketing’s throne any time soon.

The reason email marketing is making our list is because of the important role it should play in website conversion optimization. Again, we’re not talking about the obvious, either.

Clearly, email marketing is great for conversions.

Its value will grow in 2019 because, even though companies have gotten better at conversions, their attribution generally hasn’t.

So, while better conversions do mean better profits, not understanding how you earned those conversions makes it nearly impossible to improve their strategy.

Email solves the problem because any time you convert a lead whose email address you have, you can go back and retrace their steps.

Retrace enough steps and new opportunities present themselves.

Much like personalization, most marketers know this. Those who haven’t put this information into action, though, will start feeling the pain in 2019 as they lose out to companies that do.

Is Your Company’s Website Conversion Optimization Strategy Ready for the New Year?

Don’t let these changes intimidate you. There’s still plenty of time to implement adjustments so that your conversion rates don’t falter at all. In fact, start implementing them now, and you’ll probably see them improve long before 2020.

At Hushly, we’d be happy to help. Our platform is proven to ensure website conversion optimization. It’s improved content engagement by well over 300% and landing page conversions by more than 50%.

If you’d like that kind of help in 2019, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn how our simple solutions are able to achieve such incredible results.

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