One of the most important metrics your company needs to pay attention to is its conversion rate.

Until you optimize this number, you’ll always waste some amount of your marketing budget on leads that will never become clients.

3 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Conversion Rate

The good news is that optimizing your conversion rate doesn’t require that you completely revise your entire marketing plan.

Instead, just focus on the following three tips and you’ll quickly enjoy dramatic results.

1. Leverage Social Proof to Set Up Leads for Conversion

One of the easiest ways to set up a lead so that they’re not just ready – but excitedto become a client is by exposing them to social proof right away.

Social proof is just a fancy term that means, “a lot of people just like you really like what we have to offer.”

The idea is that it’s human nature to assume that if other people like something, you probably will, as well. Think about what your initial impression is of a restaurant with a line around the block. Don’t you immediately assume it must be amazing?

You can leverage social proof right away on your site by showing testimonials by happy clients. For best results, show their picture next to those quotes, too.

2. Prioritize the Mobile Experience to Reduce Your Bounce Rates

In 2017, half of all active Internet connections were through smartphones. Most people already understand that their companies’ websites need to be mobile-friendly.

However, having a mobile-friendly site isn’t necessarily enough to keep visitors from abandoning it. You also need to think about the forms you have your leads fill out.

Keep them simple.

Remember, the majority of people are trying to fill them out on a handheld device. Use progressive profiling, too, so you can keep the questions to a minimum, but build on them over time.

3. Invest in Dynamic Content to Address Each Segment of Your Market

Dynamic content is one of the most powerful ways to increase conversions.

In short, it shows relevant content to your different segments based on the data you’ve collected on them. For example, if you know that one segment still needs to better understand what your services entail, that would be the kind of content they’d see on your site.

On the other hand, if you know they’re sold on the services you offer – just not your company – you’d want to show them content that explains why you’re the best choice.

You can use dynamic content in conjunction with the tactic from our first tip: social proof. People are most influenced by people who are similar to them. So make sure that you segment your leads so that they’re exposed to social proof that is most similar to them.

Increase Your Conversion Rate by Decreasing Your Abandonment Rate

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