When you properly utilize B2B engagement marketing, it often seems like attracting leads becomes effortless.

You’ve hooked them, so they come back again and again until they’re ready to convert.

Of course, creating this kind of engagement is easier said than done.

3 B2B Engagement Marketing Strategies You Need to Embrace

The good news is that it’s not that much easier said than done. If all you do is implement the three B2B engagement marketing tips below, you will immediately find that you not only attract more leads but also harness their attention until they convert into clients.

1. Utilize Storytelling Throughout Your Marketing Funnel

Storytelling is an extremely powerful form of marketing.

There’s a reason everyone loves a good story and it’s because our brains are hardwired to engage with them.

Unfortunately, this tried-and-true lesson doesn’t always transfer into the B2B world, where most marketers are convinced sellers are more focused on the “logical” (e.g. features and stats) than emotional.

To be clear, data is important.

That said, triggering a B2B prospect’s emotions during your marketing funnel is how you keep them engaged. Whenever possible, tell a story to grab their attention and after that, you can hit them with your whitepapers and data sheets.

2. Lock People in with Live Broadcasting

Thanks to Periscope, Facebook Live, and traditional webinars, you can create live broadcasts to do everything from make important announcements to lead educational tutorials to walk users through utilizing your product.

You can also create truly engaging content.

For one thing, unlike so many blog posts out there, your live broadcast is 100% unique. It’s also impossiblefor someone to copy as is often the case with content these days.

There’s something to be said for using the power of scarcity, too.

When you host a live event, people either need to tune in – and fully engage – or risk missing out on the valuable information you’re providing.

While this means you need to promise something worth tuning in for, so long as you do, anyone who shows up is going to be a qualified lead.

3. Get on LinkedIn and Post – A Lot

LinkedIn is a tremendous site for B2B engagement. In fact, because the company is so open about their algorithm, we know they think very highly of how much engagement a post gets.

Therefore, your B2B marketing strategy should definitely involve LinkedIn.

However, it doesn’t mean you can only use it to share your massive blog posts. Instead, post little snippets on a regular basis from your personal account and welcome feedback.

Look at Seth Godin, one of the most-read bloggers in the world. He writes posts almost every day and people absolutely love them. Not surprisingly, he’s also the king of brevity.

So while long-form content is still best for your site, make it a point to get on LinkedIn and provide regular commentary about your industry – even if it’s just a few paragraphs.

Give Your B2B Engagement Marketing Efforts Some Extra Help

You should now feel much more confident about your B2B engagement marketing efforts going forward.

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