For B2B companies, website conversion optimization needs to be your biggest goal with online marketing.

You also can’t afford to make any mistakes with your efforts.

But the truth is that many organizations are making at leastone of three very common errors and never even realize it.

3 Reasons Your Website Conversion Optimization Rate Is Suffering

The good news is that if you recognize one of the website conversion optimization mistakes mentioned below, you’ll be well on your way to fixing it and seeing better rates.

1. Copying Your Competition

Copying your competitionhas long been considered a tried-and-true method for improving your content marketing and, thus, converting more leads. But we all know the saying about something that sounds too good to be true.

The same holds true here: copying competitors is often a mistake.

Website conversion optimization is complicated. A competitor of yours could be doingamazing business, but their website doesn’t convert at all. For example, their leads could be coming in through word mouth – not what’s on their actual site.

This is why it’s soimportant to run tests. That said, as you’re about to see, this can lead to a major mistake, too.

2. Giving Every Test Equal Importance

As we just mentioned, one of the reasons conversion optimization is often so frustrating is because most companies are already running numerous tests to find out what they’re doing wrong.

How can you be making anymistakes when you’re relying on so many tests to catch them?

The problem is that all that data can be blinding. Instead, prioritize your website’s tests. This means beginning with those that look at your “must haves.”

So, for most companies, it’s going to be your bounce rate. If “prospects” are bouncing off your website, maybe they’re not actual prospects to begin with. How are you attracting them? What promises are you making in your meta description?

If your bounce rate is acceptable, then it might be your lead-capture forms. Are prospects skipping them? Are they providing bad information?

Start at the top of your priority list and work your way down in terms of tests. This will put your conversion ducks in a row and make it much easier to tackle the biggest issues hurting your rates.

3. You’re Letting Prospects Leave Your Landing Pages Without Getting Their Data

There’s no doubt about it: landing pages are important.

They’re an absolutely essential feature of any marketing funnel. If you want to capture leads, you need your website to send people to a well-designed landing page.

Unfortunately, even the best landing pages will lose prospects if they don’t have the right technology supporting them.

Specifically, you need software that will capture leads right beforethey’re about to leave your page. Any leads you’re able to gather data from will ultimately increase your conversions.

Don’t Let Website Abandoners Kill Your Website Conversion Optimization

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