How are your company’s B2B conversions?

If your organization is like many, they’re not where you’d like them to be.

Perhaps you’ve even started worrying a bit.

In that case, it is absolutely vital to the future of your company that you stop what you’re doing and consider new lead conversion tactics.

3 Lead Conversion Tactics You Must Implement Right Away

The good news is that the following three lead conversion tactics don’t represent major overhauls or costly investments. As you’re about to see, making some very simple tweaks to your current efforts could easily be enough to increase conversions right away.

1. Get Hyper-Specific with Your Landing Pages

Landing pages should provide your company with leads who are ready to convert – or, at least, very close.

So, if this tried-and-true asset isn’t producing results, something is clearly wrong.

One of the most common problems that sabotages landing pages is they’re not optimized for a hyper-specific target.

For example, a company that makes POS devices will use a landing page that “targets” literally any retail location. Unfortunately, different types of retailers need different types of messaging.

Don’t forget that when you consider your market.

Chances are that you sell to different types of businesses, which means you must create specific landing pages to convert them.

2. Retarget Your Leads

If you’re not already retargeting your B2B leads, that should change immediately.

The vast majority of B2B companies invest in content marketing. One of the reasons more of them aren’t seeing higher conversion rates is because the B2B buyer’s journey tends to be much longer than the B2C version.

What this means is that B2B buyers need more information and will take longer to consider it. By retargeting them, you can bring them back to your content again and again, which will give you a higher lead conversion rate and a better ROI on your content, too.

3. Start Doing Webinars

Not nearly enough B2B companies are taking advantage of the power of webinars, despite their many uses and potential. That being said, most also don’t see webinars as a lead conversion asset. Usually, it’s for lead generation. They’re fantastic for securing email addresses.

However, webinars work well for conversions, too.

Create a webinar based on a subject you know matters to your target market. Cover it in detail, being sure to provide lots of useful, actionable information.

Then, at the end, spend some time positioning your company as the solution-provider these other businesses need.

Finally, utilize scarcity and urgency to ramp up your conversions, so the end of your webinar is less of an ad and more of a direct sales pitch.

One Easy Solution to Automate Your Lead Conversions

Your website should be a reliable source of leads that will eventually convert.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

While you should still leverage the lead conversion tactics we covered above, don’t forget how easy it is to apply Hushly to the task, too.

With our platform, you more effectively leverage the content you’re already creating, giving you more leads without more work.

Contact us today to find out how.

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