Marketing is hard work.

However, none of that hard work – or the money it requires – will amount to anything if you’re not optimizing your lead conversion efforts.

Far too many companies waste their marketing budgets because they’re not able to convert many – or maybe any – of the leads they attract to their landing pages.

Even if you’re satisfied with the results you’re seeing from your inbound marketing strategy, poor lead conversion means you’re still leaving money on the table.

3 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Lead Conversion Rates

Fortunately, better lead conversion doesn’t require you double your marketing budget or even overhaul your current plan.

Just implement the following three methods to convert more leads.

1. Establish References

One of the key tenets explained in Dan Ariely’s bestselling book, Predictably Irrational, is that people almost never make choices because of absolute terms.

In other words, you don’t just choose an iPhone. You choose an iPhone instead of an Android. Then you can make that choice after looking at the relative advantage of the iPhone over the Android.

You can benefit from this tendency by comparing your products to others in terms of features and/or prices, and you can even compare your new solution to older versions.

2. Leverage Anticipation

When you launch a new product or service, do you build anticipation for it first?

Or do you release it ASAP?

The latter often seems like the better option. After all, the sooner the product/service is released, the sooner you can start profiting from it.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t build anticipation, which means far fewer companies will be excited about your solution. That, of course, means fewer clients.

Look at the line outside of an Apple store the day they release a new iPhone. That’s a company that understands the power of anticipation.

Keep in mind, too, that this doesn’t just apply to your services. If you have a new blog post, eBook, case study, or any other form of content coming out, let your email list know beforehand and build up anticipation.

3. Have an Abandonment Strategy

Are you happy with your lead conversion from website abandoners?

Let’s face it: no one is happy about website abandoners.

Marketers spend a lot of money to drive traffic to their pages, so even with the best B2B content marketing strategy serving up the right content to your visitors, the cost per lead (CPL) is still in the hundreds.

When people abandon your website without ever seeing that wonderful content, it just makes the ROI on your demand generation strategies look terrible.

There are all sorts of exit intent technologies out there. But almost all of them redirect users back to fill out the form they just left, which really just enrages the prospective buyer.

Look for alternative solutions that go beyond getting people to fill out forms or progressive profiling of your contacts.  There are conversion rate optimization services available that can start helping you deliver a better ROI and more importantly qualified leads who are abandoning your website

Start Converting More Leads Immediately

Take these three simple steps and you will immediately see your lead conversion rates improve. As you can see, they’re as inexpensive as they are effective.

At Hushly, we can also help you convert more qualified business leads from website abandoners.

In fact, our platform has improved website conversions for clients by a minimum of 50% at a third of the current acquisition cost.

If you’d like to see those kinds of results from your marketing plan, contact us today and let’s talk about how exactly we can help.

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