Does your company have a B2B marketing plan?

If so, is it regularly delivering the results you’re after?

Or, like many companies, does yours often miss the target?

For those of you who fall into the unfortunate second category, there’s good news: you’re probably making one very simple mistake with your B2B marketing plan. Change that and you’ll begin knocking down those targets one-by-one.

3 Reasons Your B2B Marketing Plan Will Fail

There are three main mistakes that hinder most b2b marketing plans, so if yours isn’t delivering at the moment, it’s probably because of one of the following.

1. Not Having a B2B Marketing Plan

You’ve probably heard it said before that if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

This is exactly what happens when companies don’t have marketing plans. In fact, the results can even be much worse for B2B companies. There’s often something intuitive about selling B2C products and services.

However, as a B2B business, you need to think about elements unique to the industry you’re targeting. If you don’t factor these into a reliable marketing plan, it follows that you won’t see consistent results.

2. Never Segmenting

Segmenting is central to any business plan, but your use of this powerful concept shouldn’t stop there.

That’s because it is the key to a successful B2B marketing plan, as well.

According to an ITSMA survey, though, only 44% of companies use buyer personas.

If you’re part of this group, you need to address this immediately. Well-defined buyer personas will make it very clear why your marketing campaign isn’t working as well as you’d like. They can even greatly improve marketing plans that are already doing an amazing job.

3. Focusing Solely on Lead Generation

This all-too-common mistake is extremely easy to make.

It’s understandable to focus on the ROI of content marketing. You don’t want to be investing large sums of time and money into any endeavor if it never shows results.

However, many B2B marketers are fixated on lead generation to the detriment of their company.

You also need to focus on brand recognition, brand awareness, reputation management, lead nurturing, and more. Not every single prospect is ready to be converted right away. This is particularly true for B2B prospects, as sales cycles can last for months or even a year.

That is why your marketing budget should be geared toward a long-term plan.

How to Improve Your B2B Marketing Plan Right Away

Did you find the mistake that’s been holding your B2B marketing plan back?

Was there more than one?

If so, you shouldn’t have too much trouble fixing the problem and moving forward.

Another way to immediately improve your marketing plan is by finding out who’s abandoning your website to begin with. At Hushly, our platform helps companies from every industry capture website abandoners and re-engage them with your own content, increasing lead quality and conversions.

Contact us today and we’ll walk you through all the ways Hushly can benefit your B2B marketing efforts right away.


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