B2B lead generation strategies are too important to ignore.

If you’re in tight competition with another company, one tweak could be enough to gain the edge.

Of course, a completely new strategy could also lead to a record year – maybe several.

3 B2B Lead Generation Strategies to Implement Right Away

Sometimes, all you need to do is make one minor change and you’ll immediately enjoy more leads of higher quality.

However, other times, the right move is to try something completely new.

Here are three B2B lead generation strategies proven to work.

1. Use Lead Scoring to Leverage C-Levels

Lead scoring is an extremely powerful strategy every B2B company should utilize. It will keep your overhead down while also helping you convert more of the leads who are worth the most money to your company.

Now, lead scoring is obviously a very popular generation strategy. What’s less popular is using it to leverage your company’s executives to help close the deal.

If you have a prospect who has earned a high score, one call or email from the CEO of your company – or some other high-level member – could be all it takes to turn them into a lead or even convert them on the spot.

After all, your company clearly takes their needs very seriously.

Don’t just have your C-levels sign generic emails, though. There really needs to be a personal touch for this to work.

2. Remarket with Paid Search

If your strategy doesn’t utilize paid search, you’re missing out on some very powerful benefits.

For example, did you know that paid search listings beat organic listings for clicks by a margin of 2:1 for keywords that reflect a high commercial intent?

Combine that with the fact that most people will return to your site 6 or 8 times before they become a lead and the promise of remarketing should become obvious.

3. Take Every Opportunity to Learn from Your Customers

Just because you won someone’s business doesn’t mean your strategy was perfect. In fact, for all you know, you may have won simply because a competitor dropped the ball.

The problem with most B2B lead generation strategies is that companies never interview their clients to see what they could have done better. If they have the client’s business, they assume they did everything right.

And if they do question their strategy, it’s usually in terms of looking at how to drop their acquisition costs or some other analytic directly attached to their ROI.

Instead, after a relationship has been established, speak with your client about why they chose your company and any reason they considered giving their business to someone else.

One Tool Every B2B Lead Generation Strategy Should Include

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