If you’re not taking your B2B video marketing strategy seriously, you’re missing out big time.

People tend to remember 95% of what they learn through video compared to just 10% for text-based content.

Meanwhile on LinkedIn, video content earns 5x more engagement, and live video earns 24x more.

Your buyers want video content to understand your products and company – or just for the entertainment value.

Here’s how to make the most of all your B2B video content ideas.

How to Create the Most Effective B2B Video Marketing Strategy: Best Practices, Tips, Ideas

Starting with a B2B video marketing strategy is good, but it’s not enough. Your content needs special tailoring for each platform, audience, and channel.

Following these tips below will ensure that your video content reaches not only the widest audience but the right viewers for your brand as well.

1. Optimize Your YouTube Videos for Searches

YouTube isn’t just a video platform – it’s also one of the world’s most popular search engines. Like a search engine, you should always optimize every piece of content you upload for searches.

Choose a keyword for each video and pepper it into your title and description. You can find keywords by typing your topic into the YouTube search bar and checking the autocomplete searches or scanning the video results for keywords.


2. Follow Best Practices for Facebook Watch

Facebook is also trying to make a name in the video content market, seeing as video shows no signs of slowing down.

First, make sure any video you upload to Facebook is optimized for mobile devices before anything else.

Next, consider the length. Short videos of 30 seconds or less tend to be best for engagement. However, you can share episodic videos of three minutes or more. It really depends on the type of B2B video marketing content you’re sharing.

3. Think Outside the Box with Platforms like Instagram

Consider your audience when you decide where to share your video content. Young or tech-savvy audiences might appreciate seeing your content on platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

TikTok gives you the potential to reach a wide audience quickly if you can create engaging content. Meanwhile, Instagram has multiple features for sharing video content like Stories, Instagram Reels, and IGTV.

Make sure to include relevant hashtags any time a platform gives you the option.

4. Always Include Subtitles and Transcripts in Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

Subtitles are helpful for video content on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter where users might keep the volume muted. Plus, subtitles vital for anyone who requires accessibility assistance like hard-of-hearing viewers.

Don’t stop at subtitles though. Transcripts are useful as well when you upload videos onto your website. The transcripts give Google crawlers something to scan so they can understand what your video content is about, your expertise, and how to rank you for different keywords in the video results.

5. Consider the Best Length for Each Platform in Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

Here’s a smart reason you always want to consider your audience and where you’ll share your videos before you ever dive into creation mode.

For every video you create, the length should depend upon where you plan to upload it. For YouTube, consider other videos in your niche. You can splurge a bit on YouTube since the platform is video-specific.

Twitter videos should be under 30 seconds, so use this platform for teasers and promos.

Instagram, however, offers several types of video sharing options where you can upload between 15 seconds and over 60 minutes of video content.

6. Find a Creative Niche to Explore B2B Video Content Ideas

Episodic videos have really taken off over the past few years – even in B2B. Cisco, for example, has produced several cybersecurity videos that seem more like thriller movies than branded marketing content.

Look for a creative niche to explore in your B2B video marketing strategy. Can you add inspiration or entertainment to the field somehow?

7. Factor LinkedIn into Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

87% of marketers say LinkedIn video content has proven effective for them. LinkedIn Stories, ads, and live streams all offer incredible engagement returns on your B2B video content marketing.

Don’t take your professional audience for granted though. Stick within your niche, keep most videos short, and add engaging stickers to make sure your videos are as engaging as possible.

8. Choose a Host with an Engaging Personality That Reflects Your Brand

A host should resonate with your audience’s personality while reflecting your brand’s tone and voice perfectly.

Don’t necessarily choose the person you’d want to represent your brand, but who your audience will find relatable.

Likewise, make sure your host’s personality fits with the type of content you plan to produce. Some host voices fit better with narration while others are better suited in front of the camera.

9. High Production Value Isn’t Everything in Video Marketing

Sometimes, the videos that earn the most engagement across any platform are behind-the-scenes videos or those thrown together in the moment without any planning.

While you certainly want to factor high-production-value videos into your B2B video marketing strategy, always leave some room for ad hoc inspiration, too.

10. Make Sure Each Website Visitor Sees the Most Relevant Video Content

What’s the point in pursuing your B2B video content ideas if visitors can’t find the most relevant ones when they arrive at your website?

Artificial intelligence tools use algorithms to hand-choose videos for each visitor. The algorithms use behavioral data and intent data to choose videos based on vertical, stage of the funnel, or pain point that gently educate and nurture leads.

Get the Most from Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

The right tools on your website can make sure each visitor sees the most relevant video content based on their company, interests, and stage of the buyer’s journey.

Instead of a generic experience, use the power of AI and machine learning to personalize your content experience and make your B2B video marketing strategy work harder. Say goodbye to buried video content lost on your website.

Learn how adding AI to your website’s video experience can boost lead conversions by 51%.

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