In the first entry of this two-part series, we showed you just how much Hushly has been able to improve conversions for B2B companies. For this post, we’re going to dive even further into the numbers for paid media conversions and content engagement – two areas where most B2B companies really struggle. Fortunately, as you’re about to see, we were still able to produce impressive lead conversion rate increases.

Hushly Produces an Overall Lead Conversion Rate Increase for Paid Media

What are your current conversion rates like for paid media? When we looked at our clients’ numbers prior to implementing Hushly, we saw that their average was just 4.5%. To be honest, this was a lot higher than we thought it would be. Keep in mind that many of the channels they were using for their paid ads were social media platforms. Given how challenging B2B marketing on social media can be, we were actually impressed that they were hitting 4.5% – even though that’s not the kind of lead conversion rate any company wants to see. Still, we were in for a much bigger surprise when we checked the results of putting our platform to work. The average conversion skyrocketed from 4.5% to 48%!

A Breakdown by Social Media Platform

If you download the report that this data is from, you’ll see that this kind of improvement occurred across dozens of different paid media channels. It wasn’t just one or two outliers that brought the averages up. So, you don’t need to worry that Hushly works exceedingly well on some platforms and not at all on others. In fact, let’s take a look at a sampling of some of the most popular paid media platforms B2B companies like to use for further proof of Hushly’s effectiveness.
  • AdRoll: 5% to 49%
  • Facebook: 10% to 46%
  • AdWords: 4% to 40%
  • LinkedIn: 11% to 69%
  • Twitter: 1% to 93%
The smallest average increase for our clients was 4.6x! Could you do more with 4.6-times more leads from your paid media channels?

Increased Conversion Rates Occurred Across All Devices

In the last post, we touched on how important it is to prioritize mobile for B2B marketing. As it turns out, our clients inadvertently did this just by utilizing Hushly. The incremental lead conversion increases reported above were especially high among mobile devices:
  • PC/Mac: 42%
  • Phone: 53%
  • Tablet: 76%

Nothing Is Holding You Back from a Much Better Lead Conversion Rate

So long as your B2B company is getting traffic – whether paid or organic – there’s no reason you can’t immediately begin to see a better lead conversion rate. As we just covered – and supported with data – Hushly can drastically improve your conversions without changing your content marketing strategy. Literally, making this one change could be the best thing you ever do for your business.  Click here for the entire research report to see more in-depth analysis of paid media conversions, engagement, quality, and net new leads. Want proof of just how easy it is to implement? Check out a free demo of our platform today and you’ll understand why more than 100 B2B companies just like yours trust us to keep their lead conversion rate headed in the right direction.