Today, we have something very special on the blog: the first in a two-part series on lead conversion rates that is based on a recent report we completed. In this first post, we’re going to look at what the data tells us about net-new leads and lead conversions. Net-new leads are any new contact one of our clients earned that wasn’t already in their MAP (Marketing Automation Platform).

Research Report: A Statistical Analysis of B2B Conversion Optimization

Before we dive into some data, it’s important to know where it comes from. To create this report, we looked at information from more than 100 of our customers. In total, this included more than four-million landing-page visits, too. The report delves into the following averages for both Hushly and our customers:
  • Incremental Lead Conversions
  • Increased Content Engagement
  • Increased Lead Quality

Paid Media Remains a Powerful Tool

Paid advertising can be extremely challenging. Despite how straightforward it is on paper, the fact remains that many B2B marketers give up on this avenue because it’s perceived to be a waste of money. Even user-friendly Facebook ads can be daunting. Nonetheless, our research shows that paid media can be one of the best lead conversion tools when you add Hushly to the mix. First, of all the paid traffic Hushly’s customers were able to attract and convert, 72% more net-new leads, meaning they represented brand-new opportunities for these B2B companies. That’s a rate just about any B2B marketer would be happy to see. However, it’s far more impressive when you realize that this is paid traffic that visited these companies’ sites, decided to leave, and then were convinced to stay and provide contact information because of the Hushly platform. Obviously, the conversion rates for all traffic are all promising, too. While paid traffic is great, most B2B marketing strategies rely on plenty of other channels, too. To see lead conversion rates of 62% for new visitors was absolutely amazing.

Hushly Was Effective for Paid Traffic Across All Device Types

Furthermore, the results were consistently high across all device types, too. Here’s the breakdown of net-new contacts vs. existing by device type:
  • PC/Mac: 60%
  • Phone: 74%
  • Tablet: 77%
Those last two statistics are especially important as mobile has become vital to B2B marketing.

A 59% Increase for Incremental Lead Conversions

One of the brand promises we make at Hushly is that we can increase your incremental lead conversion rate by 51%. We’re well aware that it’s an ambitious claim and we’ve definitely received our fair share of scrutiny over the years. Yet, as our report shows, we actually exceeded this lofty goal. Prior to using Hushly, our clients saw an average conversion rate of just 5.4%. After utilizing our platform, these companies saw that rate increase to 59%!  

The Simplest Way to Increase Lead Conversion Rates

Without sufficiently high lead conversion rates, all of your marketing efforts are for nothing. As you just saw from the data above, Hushly is able to keep visitors on your page and acquire their verified contact information.  To see the entire research report, click here. Best of all, our platform is easy to implement. You don’t even need to change your content strategy. Check out a demo to see for yourself.