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Lead Quality Assurance

Get Lead Quality Assurance with Hushly’s Lead Verification Services

Enhanced Business Profile

Hushly’s lead enrichment tools include human verification to provide enrich business lead profiles and help you avoid the dreaded hidden sales cycle.

How Hushly’s Lead Enrichment Tools Fight the Hidden Sales Cycle

The cycle starts when a visitor comes across an opt-in form. They have three options: fill it out correctly, leave the site, or lie. That’s right – as much as 88% of your form information may be false or misleading. That’s what happens when you rely solely on self-reported information without verification! This false information is the equivalent of starting with bad data, which means any of the analytics, lead routing and scoring, and workflow done using this information is useless.

Avoid this wasted effort with Hushly’s lead quality assurance and human lead verification services for every lead.

Did you know that there are tens of thousands of free email domains that could obtain your free content? Hushly’s lead quality assurance software blocks all of them. Hushly performs real-time verification on the domains to weed out personal emails and free email accounts, leaving you with only verified business email addresses. Additionally, Hushly blocks all role-based emails even with valid domains, so don’t end up contacting a half unmonitored inbox.

Instead of presenting a traditional form, Hushly asks visitors for their business email and country information. Hushly’s lead enrichment tools then test the information to verify it and guarantee zero impersonation. To avoid compliance issues, anyone from Canada or a GDPR country will need to complete a double opt-in to gain access to your content.  For further protection, all opt-in data (including a date and time stamp) is automatically recorded and published to your marketing automation platform.

Hushly’s human lead verification services also include a check of the acquired business profile against the person’s LinkedIn profile to validate the data before it’s added into your marketing automation platform. With Hushly’s lead quality assurance, you can be confident that your content is drawing real leads.

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