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Lead Management Software

Hushly’s Lead Management System Provides Valuable Business Insights

Understand more about your target audience through analytics-backed practical business insights. With Hushly’s lead management software, your data is organized and ready for analysis. We know you use this data to make key business, content, and marketing decisions, so we understand how crucial proper data is to your business goals. At Hushly, we take analytics and data insight reporting seriously.

Get Real-Time Analytics with Hushly

Tired of waiting for data insight reports? At Hushly we don’t waste your time or money, which is why our lead management services provide real-time business insights.

Hushly’s lead management system will provide potential insights in these areas:

  • New Leads vs. Existing Contacts
  • Specific assets
  • Source (UTM data)
  • Firmographic
  • Experiences
  • Lead type
  • Where leads are coming from (including device types, job titles, and traffic sources)

This data is available right from your dashboard, conveniently available to help you make important business decisions. Make decisions quickly instead of sifting through data so that you can take advantage of real-time trends. See the early impact your changes are making live with our lead management services.

Hushly is Lead Management Software that Works for You

Hushly works for you to make your life easier. That’s why Hushly works with many other marketing tools to bring you valuable, accurate business insights. Hushly will gather and publish information from trigger events, hidden fields, and UTM data so that other marketing tools can read it.

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