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Landing Page Abondonment

Form Abandonment Software That Will Increase Your Lead Conversion Rate and Improve ROI on Existing Landing Pages

Your website looks great. Your campaigns are up and running. You’re even getting traffic. The only problem is… your landing page visitors are quickly abandoning your pages. Luckily Hushly’s landing page abandonment solutions are designed to solve this exact problem. Through innovating the conversion experience, Hushly can help improve your abandonment conversions by simply adding a tag to the existing landing page we can increase your conversions 51%, guaranteed!

The key is conversion marketing. In this situation, the most effective solution isn’t trying to get new traffic. Instead, Hushly’s form abandonment software works to increase conversions from existing traffic that you’ve already paid for.   Not only will you get increased conversions but Hushly will also increase your lead quality by preventing bad data from entering your marketing automation platform.  In fact we increase lead quality on average 59% when blended across all traffic sources.    So by increasing your lead conversion rate, you can get more leads while spending as little as a third of your current lead acquisition budget and know that you’re also getting the highest quality lead on top of that.

An Improved User Experience Means a Higher Lead Conversion Rate

Hushly’s landing page abandonment solutions improve user experience in three main ways

1. Allowing Content Previews Prior to Presenting any Forms

Marketing content is great at drawing viewers, but landing pages often require visitor information up front before allowing access to the content. In fact, landing pages often require as many as six pieces of user-submitted information per form. This can drastically lower your lead conversion rate, as most viewers consider it a time waster and simply go elsewhere.

Hushly’s form abandonment software detects this exit intent and offers those would-be abandoners a content preview of whichever asset they wanted to view. This gives them a chance to engage with the content and discover whether or not the content is valuable enough to read in its entirety. Hushly will present the form once viewers are already engaged with the content and would like to see more.

2. Show Personalized Content Recommendations Based on AI

Hushly’s content engagement and conversion platform is powered by AI, creating a powerful and unique content experience. Our AI engine processes a visitor’s actions in real-time to understand what they’re looking for.

This information is then coupled with intent data sourced from third party data sources to create a hyper-personalized content experience for each web visitor. This creates a user experience that is particularly captivating and more likely to increase the lead conversion rate.

3. Hushly’s Enhanced Business Profile

Hushly makes lead organization simple with enhanced business profiles. After a visitor has found a content preview valuable, Hushly’s form abandonment software will offer them access to all related content. This access requires the visitor’s business email address and country.

Hushly then sends a confirmation email to the visitor. With their consent, Hushly will publish their enriched contact information (including name, title, industry, etc.) to your marketing automation platform

Key Benefits When Using Hushly’s landing page Abandonment Solutions

Hushly’s form abandonment software can greatly improve your ROI and help substantially increase your lead conversion rate. The best part is, it’s done in a way that saves you both time and money. With its simple implementation and real-time AI engine, Hushly works quickly and efficiently to reduce abandonment and bring you more quality leads.

Additionally, Hushly’s landing page abandonment solutions can amplify your existing marketing investments. Your next lead conversion can cost you as little as a third of what today’s cost once Hushly is implemented on your page. This means you can increase your lead conversion rate with no additional spend on paid traffic, capturing additional leads at a fraction of your current CPL.

Hushly works with all platforms, including WordPress, Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, Oracle Eloqua, and more. See increased content engagement (3x), increased lead conversions (51%), increased lead quality (59%), and increased net new contacts (72%).

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