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For Demand Generation

Capture more and high quality opt-in leads

Allyson Van den Herik
Allyson Van den Herik
Digital Marketing at Coupa Software
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“We've received almost twice as many leads after implementing Hushly. I also believe that the data quality from Hushly leads is better."

Increase channel conversions

Capture more leads by un-gating content:

Reduce friction by using Hushly’s Smart MicroForm to request only for the visitors business email to download your un-gated content. Hushly auto-enriches every valid business-email submitted which means we only ask the visitor for business email.

Capture more leads from related content:

35% of leads, provided by Hushly, are captured from related content recommendations.

Expand lead nurturing

Go faster than email drip nurture.

Content is the fuel for lead generation. Easily create content nurture journeys via a simple drag-n-drop interface or simply allowing our AI engine to create the best content bingeing experiences resulting in more leads faster.

Go wider by embeding personalized content streams across your website.

Turn your website into an always-on-lead engine. Natively embed (and not via annoying recommendation pop-ups offered by others) personalized content streams across your website like your home-page, product pages, etc.

Double down on best performing channels with true metrics

Understand channels that produce the most leads.

Learn which source, medium, content, campaign, term and referrer produces the most leads.

Get insight into the type of  leads captured.

Learn the user profile (title, seniority, department, role, etc) and the account profile (industry, location, company size, etc) of leads captured.

Book time with a B2B buyer experience expert

Book a demo with a specialist from Hushly and get a full demo of the Hushly AI experience.

Scale ABM Programs

Accelerate Nurture

Increase Conversions

Dedicated Customer Success