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For Account Based Marketing

Quickly Build Account Focused Experiences

Lisa Sharapata
Lisa Sharapata
VP, Brand & Demand at Mindtickle
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“Easy to create ABX landing pages quickly, with the ability to customize based on account identification intent signals and predictive modeling to serve personalized microsites and content in a meaningful way."

Launch account-specific microsites for target accounts in minutes.

Unite sales and marketing.

Align sales and marketing around a single platform to define and agree on the list of target accounts and account based experiences (ABX).

Provide Hushly Sales Assist to your sales team to get real-time alerts on visitor and account activities happening.

Templatized account-specific microsites.

Hushly unique technology makes it easy to create a single microsite and dynamically scale that to infinite in-market accounts with a bespoke look and feel combined with a unique content experience for the buying team.

Personalization on the initial visit.

Intent based personalization.

Hushly enables you to operationalize intent signals (6sense, Demandbase, Bombora, Rollworks, etc) and offer personalized account pages with personalized content streams and videos for each target account or groups of accounts.

AI-powered personalization.

Hushly's AI engine with its nine different models running simultaneously, enables you to offer relevant tailored content to each account-visitor.

Gain insight to account and account-visitor engagement stages

Account visitor engagement stages.

Hushly enables you to define custom rule sets that assign account-visitors to different engagement stages (new, browser, clicker, engaged, highly engaged) based on user’s actions and content engagements metrics while interacting with account-focused landing pages.

Account engagement states.

Hushly enables you to define custom rule sets that role up account visitor engagement stages to five different account engagement stages namely new, aware, interested, engaged and highly engaged.

Book time with a B2B buyer experience expert

Book a demo with a specialist from Hushly and get a full demo of the Hushly ABM Orchestration experience.

Scale ABM Microsite

Do 1:1/ 1:Few/ 1:Many ABM

Increase Account Engagement

Automate Alerts for Visitor and Account Activity